About Biop-see

Biop-see by tatiana de la tierra , an autobiographical piece depicting one woman’s solo journey through her diagnosis of lupus. As an outspoken latina activist and lesbian writer, she holds back no truth when sifting through the layers of her being, while her life flashes before her eyes. Her emotions and thoughts unravel in allegorical poems, memories and multiple girl talks with herself. Although it is a truth that is hard to face, Biop-see shares the struggle and acceptance of a woman grasping at life. 

*Caution to viewers that Biop-see contains strong language and dialogue that reflects memories of sexual abuse*

Ujima Company Inc.

Ujima Company Inc. (UCI) is a multi-ethnic and multicultural professional theatre whose primary purpose is the preservation, perpetuation and performance of African American theatre by providing working opportunities for established artists and training experience for aspiring artists.