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Sarah Norat-Phillips
Sarah Norat-Phillips is a founding member of Ujima Theatre Company. She recently returned to active company membership following the passing of our visionary director, Lorna C. Hill. Sarah is currently serving as the Interim Artistic Director for Ujima Company and she is also leading a newly formed Artistic Advisory Committee to help ensure Ujima's continued commitment to its long standing history of artistic excellence. After she completed her studies at Buffalo State College, Sarah trained professionally under Ms. Hill and actively worked as an actress, singer, director and producer with Ujima company throughout its first 19 years. She has performed in dozens of Ujima productions including the original productions of “...And Bid Him Sing”,”Yalla Bitch”,”Opportunity Please Knock!” and “El Hajj Malik”, as well as company productions of, “for colored girls who have committed suicide…”, “Wedding Band,” “Purlie Victorious,” “The Amen Corner,” and, “Ladies In Waiting.”