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Design: Beetles
Salvatore Arrigo-Manrique
Salvatore's hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons, playing board games and playing tennis. Of these hobbies, playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends is his favorite. His favorite sports are tennis and track and field. He is interested in science and law and wants to become a lawyer.
Nathaniel Barish
Nathaniel Barish is ecstatic to be participating in this year's omnibus theater production in the World We Live In. He has been doing production and design for 3 years in 1776, Bye Bye Birdie, and Legally Blonde. He has done lighting and for Legally blonde had the role of stage manager. Nathaniel likes swimming and tennis. He also enjoys sleeping.
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Butterflies, Ichneumon, Snails
Tom Kilmer
Tom loved acting last year in Macbeth and And Then There Were None. He loves to play basketball in his free time and is in charge of the landscaping at his Church, the Shrine of St. Jude. He is a huge Boston Celtics fan.
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Chief Designer: Ants
Jeb North
Jeb North goes to The Heights along with his younger three brothers. He enjoys activities such as rock climbing and wrestling. His favorite part of being in a part of the production and design group is being able to see the play happen and take place from behind the stage and not from a seat. He is proud to see the course the play has taken over the year, and waits in expectation for the next year.
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Chief Designer: Chrysalis, Crickets
Quin Hazzard
Quin Hazzard, a junior at The Heights, joined the production side of drama because while acting is important for a good production of a play, no production is complete without an awe inspiring stage for the actors to wow the audience.
Chief Designer: Beetles
Charl Naude
Charl grew up in South Africa, where he was exposed to many cultural differences and theatre performances. As a young child he often saw productions at Wolftrap. Though he has never participated in theatre before, he enjoys the mechanics behind how productions work and hopes to expand on this interest.
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Ants, Beetles
Joseph Sypal
Joseph is a member of the Omnibus Players of the Heights School production crew. He acted in one of the Lower School plays and was the prop manager of another.
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Butterflies, Ichneumon, Snails
Charlie Syski
Charlie Syski is excited to be on the production team for the Omnibus Players. He has experience with tools and has recently started fixing old bikes. Some of his hobbies include rock climbing, building obstacle courses, and playing ultimate frisbee. He also enjoys spending time with his dog, Gladys.
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Chrysalis, Crickets, Shop Manager.
Alexander Terry-Emanuel
Alex is a sophomore at The Heights. Alex plays Varsity baseball.