The Insect Play Cast

John Paul Abela (Chrysalis, Man with Baby)
John Paul is a freshman here at the Heights, and has performed in five different productions with the Tower Fools. He likes to rock climb and hope to make varsity on the climbing team.
Logan Austin (Stage Manager, Larva, Moth)
Logan is a talented water-polo master. He was offered a scholarship to Warwick Community College because of this talent, but decided to have a future instead. He is trying desperately to convince the student council to promote his pet hedgehog to the all-important post of co-assistant mascot. It’s not really working out too well though; and before you ask, despite popular belief, it’s not a mullet.
Justin Basinger (Mr Cricket, Yellow Commander)
Justin Basinger is one of four seniors in the Heights performing arts class. As an upperclassman, he tries to unify the class in focus and in brotherhood. Justin loves the performing arts, especially comedies.
Joe Bucheli (Messenger, Snail, Understudy)
Joe was born in Ecuador and he moved to The United States when he was 4, and became fluent in both Spanish and English. He has been at the Heights since 3rd grade and he is now a freshman. Although this is his first year in drama, he always wanted to act in a Heights play. Joe likes to spend time with his friends, either fishing or practicing judo
Mikey Cannon (Parasite)
Mikey appeared in several Omnibus Players productions, including And Then There Were None, Macbeth, War Stories, Stalag 17, and The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew. Mikey was born in Washington DC and lives in Arlington, Virginia with his parents and his dog Rex. His interests are art and history.
Obi Chukwura (Ichneumon Fly, Moth)
Obi is a Junior who is an actor for the Fall Production: Our Neighborhood as the workaholic father, Ryan, and former member of the Set and Props Crew for A Separate Peace and The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew. He previously appeared as a "Men of Arms" in The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, "Ross" in Macbeth, and as "The Detective" in the And Then There Were None.
Lucas Cuervo-Arango (Professor, Telegrapher)
Lucas is from Spain, where he did drama for two years, and played Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice. He joined drama as a way to improve his English and because he enjoys acting.
Joseph Eckendrode (Third Beetle, Head of Staff)
Joseph a freshman, who enjoys such activities as acting, robotics, and computer programming. He would rather read the book than watch the movie, although he does enjoy a good movie. He has acted before in an HST production. He looks forward to the future, and hopes all Omnibus Players productions are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
Tom Kilmer (Felix, Blind Ant)
Tom loved acting last year in Macbeth and And Then There Were None. He loves to play basketball in his free time and is in charge of the landscaping at his Church, the Shrine of St. Jude. He is a huge Boston Celtics fan.
Michael Kish (Vagrant)
Michael is a freshman at The Heights. Although this is his first year with the Players, he has worked on successful productions in the past, such as The Lion King and a rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is an eager performer and all-around arts lover, with a special interest in film. He hopes to become a great addition to the cast.
Alex Kreins (Dictator)
Alex is a sophomore and is enjoying his 2nd year in the Omnibus Players. Alex has been a part of “And Then There Were None”, “The Prodigal Son”, and “Macbeth.” Additionally, Alex enjoys biking and playing video games.
Thomas Passaro (Clythia, Inventor)
This will be Thomas' 6th production at the Heights. He previously appeared in Macbeth and And Then There Were None. He swims on the Heights swim team and has been swimming competitively since he was five.
Peter Schindler (Mrs. Cricket)
This is Peter's first year of drama. In the past he has enjoyed making several movies with his brothers. He has seen places all over Europe which gave him an interest in their plays and stories which gave him the desire to be in a story himself.
Tommy Tang (Mr. Beetle)
Tommy Tang is a exchange student from China, and it is his 3rd year at the heights. As a Junior, Tommy participated in six omnibus player productions. Besides drama Tommy plays squash in the winter.
Max Walsh (Mrs. Beetle, Snail)
Max Walsh is a junior, and this is his second year being in the heights drama program. Before max begun attending the heights as a freshman, he acted in the musicals Aladdin, the sound of music, and the wizard of oz. He acted in Macbeth and And then there were non and was the assistant stage manager for the latter. He hopes to continue Acting throughout the rest of high school as well as college.