About GAFTY: Night of Prince & Princess

The Princess and The Pea, adapted by John O’Hara, tells the story of King Pendleton and Queen Pandora who are in search of the perfect match for their son Prince Pete. With the help of wisecracking Granny Primrose, uptight Lord Pendragon, and sweet Lady Jean, the kingdom has summoned a plethora of princesses to compete for their son's affection. Add a stack of mattresses, switched identities, and a mysterious late night visitor, and you end up with the wackiest (and probably first) fairy tale dating game. The princesses may be fierce competitors, but who will win the Prince's heart? Then there will be a 15 minute intermission with refreshments served before the second performance of, The Frog Prince, by Edward Marsh (Grimms Brothers) is a humorous and charming play about the famous bewitched Prince. It pokes fun at pomposity, brings a whimsical and of-ten confused fairy godmother on the scene, and of course, the fair young Princess who decides to adopt a most unusual pet -- a large frog.

Tickets on sale in local businesses:
In Gladwin at: Gladwin City Hall, Lyle Flowers, The Medicine Shoppe, Village Flowers & Gifts, Gladwin County Chamber
In Beaverton at: Beaverton Pharmacy, Beaverton City Hall
Limited Tickets Available at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm and 1:30pmGeneral Seating


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