About YAMO 2018

YAMO is ETHS’s yearly student-written/directed/choreographer/scored/produced/performed/critiqued/revised/perfected
musical sketch comedy revue! This is the 61st year and this year’s show, YAMO: Choose Your Own Adventure, will run
from October 12th-27th in ETHS’s Upstairs Theatre. Students have been busy perfecting their jokes, songs, moves, etc.,
and we simply cannot wait for you to see it. 

YAMO 2018 Cast

General Director - Olivia Nicholson*

Business Manager - Mathilda Hallstrom*​


Jackson Hamrick*

Sophie Noyes*

Graham Umbanhowar*

Unexpected Company

Director - Tess Dinerstein*

Brynn Aaronson      Navaeh Collazo   

Carmiya Bady      Jacob Frischer

Piper Bailey      Fiona Green 

  Emma Barreto      Howard Godfrey

Charlie Blackburn      Emily Hauser         

Santiago Callam      Nathan Strauss  

Acting Company

Director - Hannah Schoen*

   Caroline Brady     Maeve McMahon

Olive Cantor      Alex Nimrod  

Maia Hadaway          Eloisa Tirres          

 Chloe Harris      Jack Turvill    

  Cully Jacobson      Honor Weinman

Matias Kruse      Jalen Williams

Dance Company

Dance Staff - Lauren Fielder*, Nina Harders*, Nikki LeVee*

   Izzy Basso      Talulah Levin

Caelen Behm       Tatum Norris   

Megan Bezaitis      Mika Parisien     

 Makayla Brown      Sarah Parisien    

Serena Brown      Mia Rehwaldt   

Rose Goodman      Olivia Stitely       

Fabiola Lara                              


Director - Isabella Miller*

        Eli Civetta      Ruby Rae Levin

Aiden Goodman      Rachel Lott           

     Sasha Gordon      Gabriel Manglano

Noam Hasak-Lowy      Eva Morales-Grahl  

   Josie Hansen      Grace Sherman

Kevin Hona      Nathan Wolf


        Asher Baron      Jonathan Hauser*

          Ethan Baron      Katherine Koeppen

  Jonathan Brown     Jordan Nicholson

       Soren Dorr      Claudia Steinke*

   Will Feeney*     Lucy Teinowitz

   Cameron Hagaman      Ryan Tharayil*              

Jackson Hamrick      Ethan Thuo          

Quinn Hartmann                               

*Indicates YAMO Board Member