About A Christmas Carol

Corinth Theatre-Art's 2019 "A Christmas Carol" Cast
Ebenezer Scrooge - Blain Teeters
Bob Cratchit - Jacob Gilmore
Mrs. Cratchit - Kaitlyn Gilmore
Tiny Tim - Roman Swindle
Fred (Nephew)/Old Joe - David Soltz
The Ghost of Jacob Marley - Taylor Blythe
The Ghost of Christmas Past - Ava Marsh
The Ghost of Christmas Present - Will Senf
The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come - Keri Cru
Caroline - Halle Faith Scarbrough
Mr. Fezziwig - Clay S. Nails
Mrs. Fezziwig - Jan Soltz
Scrooge as a Boy/Caroler/Ignorance - Brennan Baxter
Fan - Mylie Grace Downs
Scrooge as a Young Man - Bryan Vanderford
Belle - Kelly Hutchins
Gentleman 1/Valentine/Businessman 1 - Braydon Cupples
Gentleman 2/Orson/Businessman 2 - Ben Strickland
Gentleman 3 - Isis Greely
Topper/Caroline's Husband - Mark Mathis
Julia (Neice) - Kate Johnsey
Lucy (Sister) - Brilee Crabb
Want - Scarlet Swindle
Charwoman - Katie Waisanen
Laundress - Cami Van Slyke
Undertaker's Woman - Katie Kiefer
Peter Cratchit - Cache King
Martha Cratchit - Marley Beth Moss
Gillian Cratchit - Mazzie Castile
Miranda Cratchit - Lucy Grace Steen
Belinda Cratchit - Sophia Gilmore

Fezziwig Guests - Dave Frost, Katie Waisanen, Cami Van Slyke, Keri Crum, Katie Kiefer, and Rebecca Turner

Partygoers - Dave Frost, Clay S. Nails, Jan Soltz, and Tonia Greely

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