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Kirsten Jorgensen Smith
Kirsten Jorgensen Smith has become a fixture at CCTL. Always enjoying a challenge, COVID was a flat head screw in a Phillips head world. She thanks CCTL, the cast and crew for broadening our talents to make sure “y’all” can still experience live theater.
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Assistant Director / Understudy
Elaine Niesen
12 years of theatre around Boulder county and still going strong even during a pandemic! You can’t keep this theatre junkie from fulfilling her passion of bringing theatre to the masses whatever it takes. Thank you Kirsten for this opportunity to learn and grow my craft.
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Stage Manager
Sarah Scheutz
Sarah is excited to be working for CCTL again during this show. She has been involved in multiple productions including Incorruptible, Blessed Assurance, The Importance of Being Earnest, and the one act plays as well. "These amazing ladies have worked hard to make this production absolutely wonderful and I hope it brings as much joy to the audience as it has for us. Thank you everyone for making this show possible."
Set Design
Howard Smith
H L Smith, Set design, set tech assist, has enjoyed being a part of set production at CCTL for several years. H L is glad to once again get to work with this fine cast and crew.
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Costume Designer
Kathy Rausch
Kathleen Rausch has been part of CCTL since 1995 and has performed in many musicals and shows along with doing costume design, props, stage managing, play reading committee and backstage tech. She is also the Treasurer. Kathy is the costume designer for this show and thanks the cast for their help in raiding their closets for some costumes and accessories. They have been a joy!
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Sound Design
Steve Rausch
Steve is CCTL's Artistic Director. He is also a Louie Award- winning sound designer, having won the Best Sound Design award for seven of the last ten years. He's also a Louie Award-winning actor (most recently for Outside Mullingar and Incorruptible). Steve is thrilled to be part of this ground-breaking production and to be learning the nuances and technology involved with designing sound for streaming video. Thanks to Kirsten for the opportunity and for the unwavering support of his family, including wife Kathleen, who designed the marvelous costumes for this show.
Lighting Design
Shane Foreman
Director of Audio/Visual Production