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Mark Landon Smith
Mark Landon Smith is the author of 16 published scripts including Faith County, Faith County 2: An Evening of Culture, Dupont, Mississippi, Radio T.B.S., Hindenberg! Das Explosive New Musical!, The Really Hip Adventures of Go-Go Girl, The Pirate Show, Christmas Carol High School, Teenagers From Outer Space, Brawl at the Ball, A Dickens’ Christmas Carol: A Traveling Travesty in Two Tumultuous Acts, Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole, Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Sherlock Holmes Mystery School and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians . He is also a 2012 AATE Distinguished Play nominee. His scripts are produced throughout the world and Off-Broadway and include three foreign translations. Acting credits include work with McCoy Repertory Theatre, Ceramic Cow Productions, TheatreSquared, Phunbags Comedy Improv, and Classical Edge Theatre. Film credits include FREDI, Valley Inn, Gordon Family Tree, Crossfire, Parker's Anchor, Door in the Woods, Mayfly and others. H
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Keith Eisenstadt
Assistant Director/Stage Manager
Britani Farley
Lighting Tech
Jake Schonauer
Richard Haerther
Set Design
Keith Eisenstadt
Cast & Crew
Construction & Painting
Keith Eisenstadt, Richard Haerther, Todd Dunkle, San jay Samaroo, Victor Rivero, John Hernandez, Candice Johnston
Ruth Levy

This adaptation was first produced by Arts Live Theatre, October 25-28, 2012.

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