About A Walk in the Woods

Simply Cinderella​

Overworked and under-appreciated Cinderella swings her broom at the Fairy Godmother, thinking she’s a giant moth.  Meanwhile, Queen Hobnail wants Prince Shubert to choose a suitable princess, but he would rather play video games than dance with a girl.  The beleaguered Fairy Godmother manages to bring the two together, at least until midnight, while Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters wait for the other shoe to drop.

A Walk in the Woods

Here are the tales of Goldilocks, the Three Bears, Red Riding Hood, the Three Pigs, and Hansel and Gretel, all blended into one delightful play while staying true to the original stories.  Goldilocks, forest-savvy from having to survive in the woods without a family, is on the run from the Three Bears but takes time to help Red Riding Hood, who is leery of her stepmother’s motivation in sending her out into the woods at dusk with a basket full of food and a bright red cloak.  Along the way, they are saved by the Woodsman (who also happens to be Hansel and Gretel’s father) and from the zany Wolf (the same canine who plagues the Three Pigs).

Snow White Lite

Since they don’t need help with cooking and cleaning, they hand Snow White a plunger and put her to work!  When the Queen, cleverly disguised in Groucho glasses, tries to finish Snow White off with a poisoned apple, the girl is saved by the quick response from Prince Heimlich. ​

Alta Loma Middle School Drama Club