Visit our website to learn about our full range of programming for theater professionals. We are in the process of reformatting our workshops for virtual presentation, enabling our friends beyond the NYC area to participate, learn and grow. 

Theater lovers can be part of the development process for new works by joining us for readings of our two exciting new plays being premiered in June in our TRU VOICES NEW PLAYS READING SERIES:

No Entry
 by Marc Paykuss, directed by Melody Bates
Disbelief, A Cassandra Tale by Garret Jon Groenveld, directed by Jess Cummings

Theater producers can keep an eye out for our PRODUCER BOOT CAMPS, workshops created to nurture and support the business skills of producers, artistic directors and self-producing artists. These include: RAISING MONEY FOR THEATER, WEEKEND INTENSIVE FOR SHOWCASE PRODUCING, ESSENTIALS OF SELF PRODUCING and RECOGNIZING COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL.

Writers can check in to learn about TRU BEGINNINGS, workshops created to help the early development of new works. These include: DIRECTOR-WRITER COMMUNICATIONS LAB, WRITER-PRODUCER SPEED DATE and HOW TO WRITE A MUSICAL THAT WORKS.

Meanwhile, be patient so you don't become another patient: be safe, social distance, protect yourself and those around you. We will get through this. Though the present is frustrating, think about the future.

No Entry by Marc Paykuss

Jun 14, 2020

An historically based fictional drama that takes place In a displaced persons camp in Germany after WWII. It's the story of a group of Polish Jewish refugees trying to rebuild their lives, with no country wanting to take them in.

Disbelief by Garret Jon Groenveld

Jun 17, 2020