Here at St. Mary's we are guided by knowledge and rooted in faith. These principals follow us onto the stage.

We must have all the knowledge we need to ensure the success of a production, and we must have faith in God, ourselves, and other castmates to ensure our production does well from the rehearsals, to show night, and then through the set tear down.

This program has been through it's ups and downs as many theatre programs have, but like all artists, we still continue to thrive and overcome adversity.

The St. Mary's Pirate Players are one great big happy family who is always willing to have a new addition to the group, and once you join, you are stuck with us through thick and thin.

Due to COVID-19, all productions will be streamed through a streaming service at this time.

We hope to return to performing for an in-person audience as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your support.

Ticket Prices: Students $5:00 and Adults $10:00

Fees do apply.