A successful day of show begins at the box office, so let’s skip the bottleneck, keep your lines moving, and get those patrons in their seats so the show can begin! Here’s our tried and true how-to.

Use Your Digital Tools

The ON THE STAGE Walk Up App and Live Check In List are your best friends at the box office. Both can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to process sales and admit guests.

And because they sync automatically on all your devices, there are no worries about double-seating or double-selling.

Keep Lines Organized

Designate separate lines for box office and check in to keep people moving smoothly through to their seats. Be sure to post prominent signage to indicate where patrons without tickets should go to make a purchase and where those who bought online can show their confirmation to enter the house.

Power in Numbers

To expedite ticket sales on your day of show, we recommend that you have at least two people set up to process transactions. Once users have been added to your ON THE STAGE account using the Manage Account Access function on your dashboard, your box office staff can log in for simultaneous sales.

Process All Transactions in One Place

To save time (and tracking/reporting headaches after the show), be sure to process all ticket sales and check ins using one streamlined system. Use your Walk Up App to make cash and credit card sales, apply discounts, and distribute comps in just a few clicks.

Know the Shortcuts . . . and the Tradeoffs

We always recommend collecting patron emails whenever possible, in order to build ongoing relationships with your audience. If your day-of-show ticket line is getting long, though, consider collecting just patrons’ names and cell phone numbers in order to save time. They will receive a text message with their ticket information, which can be shown to ushers at the door.

Sort Your Check-In List

Sort your Live Check In List alphabetically by last name, or use the search function, to avoid scrolling delays.

Use the Quick Code at Check In

Patrons who purchase their tickets at the door will receive a confirmation text message. No need to waste time reading the whole message. Just look for the emoji in the subject line (which changes for each performance) to verify that it’s for the correct show date and number of guests.

Partial check-ins

Save time and lobby space by checking in partially arrived parties. Remaining ticket holders can check in when they arrive, no problem!

Track Everything with a Click

Nobody appreciates a throng of unexpected late walk-ins once a show has started! Be sure to check all patrons in at the door, as this will give your house management staff an idea of how many people you may still be waiting for before curtain.

WiFi Down? Set Up a Hotspot or Go Manual.

If your WiFi goes out, we’ve got your back! You can still access the Walk Up App and Live Check In using the data on your smartphone, or by using your smartphone as a hotspot and connecting all your devices.

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