The Phantom Tollbooth TYA Cast

Andrick Wright (Milo)
Joan Child (Tock)
Liam Klyve (Whether Man, Giant/Midget, Advisor)
Additional roles: Lethargarian, Verb/Pronoun Seller, Miner
Isaiah Hernandez (Senses Taker, Azaz)
Additional Roles: Lethargarian, Noun/Adverb Seller, Miner
Austin Wickerath (Voice of the Tollbooth, Mathmagician)
Additional Roles: Boy, Lethargarian, Adjective/Verb Seller, Miner
Brooklyn Newberry (Girl 1, Rhyme)
Additional Roles: Lethargarian, Noun/Verb Seller, Miner
Kerry Wert (Insincerity, Reason)
Additional Roles: Lethargarian, Pronoun/Adverb Seller, Miner
Emma Bacon (Narrator, Girl 2)
Additional roles: Nanny, Pronoun/Verb Seller, Miner
Benjamin Carter (Terrible Trivium, Narrator)
Additional Roles: Lethargarian, Noun/Adjective Seller, Miner
Daxton & Patrick Black ("Baby" Mathmagician and Azaz)