A summer cottage on Chesapeake Bay, Gunner has hatched an unorthodox plan to secure his family’s future but meets with resistance from his wife and son, who have plans of their own.  As winter approaches, the three must quickly find common ground and come to an understanding - before the tide goes out.  This drama hums with dark humor and powerful emotion.

​“... this drama brings sensitive observation and minor-key humor to painful situations that many of us will recognize from our own families ...  it’s poignant conclusion will have resonance for many in the audience.”       -   THE NEW YORK TIMES

“ ... superb ... tightly focused piece about a family of three .... Graham zeros in on recognizable truths.”    -  THE CHICAGO TIMES

“The characters are well-drawn, the dialogue is pungent ... The script’s frequent time shifts from present to past and back again are handled with a telling simplicity ... may well flood your emotions with its emotional truth.”      -  BACKSTAGE

About the Town Players of New Canaan

We are a small community theater, founded and run entirely by volunteers!   We must be doing something right, because we are now in our 73rd year, providing top-quality, award-winning productions for all our patrons.   In order to make ends meet throughout the decades, we rely on the generosity of our donors to keep our doors open and our lights on.  But these are difficult times, and although our doors are shuttered, we are doing everything in our power to keep our theater alive.  And so while other theaters are zooming their productions, we have, instead, decided to produce complete staged plays with co-habitating, and/or safely-distanced actors and crew!  Our audience will be able to watch from the comfort of their own living rooms, while our actors perform on the Town Players of New Canaan Powerhouse Theater stage.    

In addition, during this pandemic intermission (insert drumroll here!), we’ve decided to move forward on the 35-year old plans to double the size of our lobby.  YES, the original plans were drawn up in 1985!   We will be adding two additional ADA compliant bathrooms, and redesign the whole lobby for safer distancing and comfort of our patrons.   To make this long-standing dream a reality, we ask for your continued support.  All donations are tax-deductible, and any all donations are more than welcomed.  And if you happen to want the lobby named for yourself or a loved one.... let’s talk!   Naming rights available!   In the meantime, we ask that you join us for this and other upcoming productions....... And ask you to give what you can to allow us to keep theater ALIVE!​​