45 Plays for 45 Presidents Cast

Eadin Esworthy (Actor)
Eadin is excited to return to Things Unseen Theatre, this time in a virtual format. You may recognize Eadin from their role as Chuck in "She Kills Monsters" or from Altoona Community Theatre's Production of "Peter In the Starcatcher." Eadin has loved this opportunity to act during a pandemic and misses live theatre desperately.
Sam Bacza-Nelson (Actor)
Sam currently dances with Allied Motion Dance Company. She would like to thank Matt for trusting her with the job of choreographer for this show. Next to dance and theatre, her second favorite activity is hanging out on her couch at home with her husband and their cat, Fiddler. Sam would like to thank Emily Evey for directing her in "She Kills Monsters."
Emily Evey (Actor)
Emily has been very active with Things Unseen and with Altoona Community Theatre for the last four years. Emily would like to use the space of her bio to remind you to vote November 3rd. If you are reading this text now, it is not too late to register to vote. Please click this link to learn about voting in your state: https://bit.ly/2RJqAi9. Additionally, Emily would like to encourage you to donate your time or money to arts organizations during these troubling times. "Organizations, like Things Unseen, are volunteering and working hard during a global pandemic to bring you comfort and entertainment. Please donate and make a difference today!" Emily is also involved with Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Inc. and Allegheny Ukulele Kollective.
Maddie Letsche (Actor)
Maddie first showed up on Altoona’s theatre scene in 1995, and is always looking for fun new ways to get involved. This show certainly fit that bill! While she has been involved with both the backstage and onstage aspects of Things Unseen’s productions, she’s never even dreamt of doing something like this. While theatre and all it entails are certainly a large part of her life, she also enjoys the visual arts, games, and spending time with her passel of pets. Maddie would like to thank her family for being so patient and supportive throughout the long rehearsal and filming process, and her filming buddy Lu, for offering all the spare hands and eyes and a shoulder to cry on around take 17.
Jan Littrell (Actor)
Jan is a retired administrator at University of Pittsburgh. Her past theatre experience has primarily been as a costumer for Altoona Community Theatre and Things Unseen, though in recent years she's gotten brave and tried her hand at performing both on stage and now in front of the camera! "I would like to thank the cast and crew for making 45 Presidents such a great experience. Remember to vote on November 3rd!"
Mark Michrina (Actor)
Mark Michrina has been involved back stage in many area productions at Things Unseen Theatre and Altoona Community Theatre since 2004, serving in many roles including Flying Supervisor (twice!), Stage Manager, Lighting Designer and Master Carpenter. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so this time around he's “onstage” (for the first time since high school)! Many thanks to the excellent cast and crew of this production! Now more than ever, get out there and vote!!
Bridget Rea (Actor)
Bridget Rea is excited for her first production with Things Unseen. This is her first time acting since high school, but she has kept active in the arts through Juniata College Concert Choir. She would like to thank the cast and crew for their flexibility in creating this show. A special thank you to everyone who supported her through the process, including Emily Evey and Matt Michrina, who endured many Facebook messages with billions of questions; her parents, Tim and Lynn Rea, for allowing her to turn the upstairs of their house into a set; and Joe Collier, her boyfriend, for helping set up many filming locations and reading lines.
Courtney Michrina (Dancer)
Courtney is thrilled to be making her screen debut as a Corrupt Politician and Madman! She has loved theater from an early age, most recently working behind the scenes for Things Unseen Theatre Company’s production, Boeing Boeing; Cresson Lake Playhouse’s production, Of Mice and Men; and Altoona Community Theatre’s Production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Courtney is currently pursuing a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Caleb, and her bunny, Ron. She is proud of her brother, Matt, for undertaking the daunting task of directing this virtual play during a pandemic, and she would like to congratulate him on a job very well done!
Dylan Nelson (Actor)
Dylan would like to thank Matt Michrina for directing him in 45 Plays for 45 Presidents.
Adam Rothstein (Actor)
Adam is an accomplished actor who has performed in great works of theatre like his high school's production of "Hello, Dolly!" as an ensemble member, and he also read some Shakespeare in high school... actually, that's about it. Perhaps he's not actually that accomplished, but he insists that he's still a pretty cool dude. This is Adam's first production with Things Unseen, and he's pretty excited about it. He'd like to thank his family and friends for their love and support.
Katie Dahl (Musician, Original Music)
Songwriter and playwright Katie Dahl has performed her original songs everywhere from the cliffs of Mali to the canals of southern France to the cedar forests of the American northwoods. Particularly well-respected on her home turf of northeast Wisconsin, Katie (in non-pandemic times) tours internationally, earning accolades for her deep alto, smart songs, and easy humor. Katie’s latest album, “Wildwood” (September 2019), was recorded in Nashville and produced by Birds of Chicago’s JT Nero. “Wildwood” spent several months in the Top Ten of the international folk radio charts. Dar Williams calls Katie’s work “the very best kind of songwriting.” https://katiedahlmusic.com
Jordan Schwartz (Actor)
Though he’s been acting for most of his life this is Jordan’s first production with Things Unseen Theatre Company. Outside of acting he can be found reading, playing with his cat Hades, or hiking through Pennsylvania. A big thanks to everyone for including Jordan and for watching the production. Don’t forget to vote.