About 45 Plays for 45 Presidents

"45 Plays for 45 Presidents" is exactly what it sounds like, but every turn it takes is entirely unexpected. In each of these espresso shots of American history, a member of the flexible ensemble dons the star-spangled coat of the presidency and the group explores a surprising aspect of that administration. The short plays run on a spectrum from elections to impeachments, from personal stories to political battles, and from funny to tragic. Whether it's a comedy roast of Thomas Jefferson, a nuanced monologue about social upheaval during the Johnson administration, or a mini-musical about George Bush Sr., you're never going to know what's coming next. This is unique, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining theatre.


"45 Plays for 45 Presidents" is Things Unseen Theatre Company's first venture into theatre during a pandemic. Social distancing, washing and disinfecting costumes and props, as well as collaborative actors and technicians allowed this production to continue during difficult times. The entire production was filmed either remotely by the actors and their household or in socially distant fashion. This production would not be possible without the additional help from household members of actors and technicians who assisted in filming or stepped up to play roles in the production.  In addition, this production would not be possible without the consistent collaboration our theatre company has had with this script's playwrights.  

Things Unseen Theatre

Things Unseen Theatre was founded in the summer of 2011. Our goal is to present theatre that is “edgier” and more focused on social issues – productions that stimulate audience thought and involvement as well as entertain. We also strive to give local and young talent additional opportunities to engage in their art.

We have become the “resident” theatre company at the Church in the Middle of the Block. This partnership provides us with a wonderful space and also helps to raise much needed funds for maintenance of this historic building.

As of February 2020, Things Unseen has presented 36 plays dealing with topics ranging from unemployment to killing monsters, from family relationships to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, the current Covid-19 virus has caused us to cancel productions for this year and we have not yet set a schedule for 2021. But we’re sure to have an interesting and entertaining season. Keep track of us at our website and on Facebook.