The 2019 Young Directors' One Act Play Festival Creative

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Director, The Actor's Nightmare
Nicole Marinescu
Nicole is a senior and is directing “The Actors Nightmare.” She is on the Theatre South board and is the Chief Stage Manager of the stage crew as well. Over the years she has worked on almost every TS production, from running the light board to calling shows. Outside of TS she helps the stage crew with all other events in the school such as fashion show and cultural heritage night. She is excited to be directing this show as it is a culmination of all her hard work. Nicole would like to thank Mr. Marr, Deb, and Motch for everything they have taught her throughout the years, her amazing cast and her assistant director Talia Katz for all the hard work they have put in, and lastly the stage crew for a great four years.
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Director, How To Succeed. . .
Maggie Roach
Maggie Roach is a senior at South High School and is beyond thrilled to be directing her first show ever. This has been such a gratifying experience and she would like to thank her awesome cast for making this whole process and memorable one! Some of Maggie's favorite performances at South High include Desiree in A Little Night Music, Rosalind in As You Like It and Liesl in the Sound Of Music. Maggie would like to thank everyone in TS for giving her a reason to come to school every day. These people have become my family and this place has become my home. And of course a very special thank you to Mr. Marr for six years of being the best mentor she could ask for. Last but not least, a big thank you to Maggie’s family and friends for the unconditional love and support. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!
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Director, The Tarantino Variation
Daniella Brancato
Daniella, a senior at South High, is ecstatic to be directing a one act in her final production a part of Theatre South. She has been blessed with a wonderful cast and had a fantastic time working with them. Daniella is very involved in all aspects of theatre and is an active member on the Theatre South Board, a captain of the improv troupe, and a Co Costume/Makeup Chief. Daniella especially loves to perform, her favorite roles including: Desiree in A Little Night Music, The Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music, Celia in As You Like It, and Chris Gorman in Rumors. In addition, she would love to extend a very special thank you to Mr. Marr for all of his hard work and support in making her time in Theatre South so spectacular. Enjoy the show!
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Director, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors
Ashley Yu
Ashley, a senior (how!?), is very excited to direct her own one act, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors. Ashley has been lucky to be a part of the productions at Great Neck South, including: Almost, Maine (Glory), A Little Night Music (costume/makeup crew), The Illiteracy of Karma, The Sound of Music (Sister Margaretta), Coffeehouse Bridge, Action News: Now With 10% More Action, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later, The People vs. Spam, and Into the Woods, as well as all of the operas produced. She has also taken advantage of the many other opportunities Theatre South has to offer. She would like to thank, her wonderful family, friends, and teachers (especially Mr. Marr) for all of the love and support throughout the years. She would also like to thank her cast for making her directing debut (and closing) the most memorable and fun experience, and for making her so proud.
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Director, . . .Elevator Play
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams is extremely excited to direct her own one act, The Absolute Most Cliche Elevator Play in the History of the Entire Universe, or as we like to call it: “The Elevator Play.” Last year she assistant directed the one act “The Future Is In Your Tiny Hands.” Sophie has been in a surplus of shows here at Great Neck South, including Almost, Maine(Ginette and Rhonda), A Little Night Music(Petra), As You Like It(Rosalind), The Sound of Music(Sister Sophia), The Laramie Project (Romaine, Leigh, ), 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee(Featured Ensemble Role), Rumors(Officer Pudney), and Into the Woods(Featured Ensemble Role). She has performed in all of the coffee houses, previous One Act festivals, and two of the operas. Also, she is a captain of the Improv Troupe. Sophie is an International Thespian member. In the fall, Sophie will be attending the University of Florida to study psychology and nutrition, and will continue to participate in theatre.
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Director, No More, Mr. Nice Guy
Stefan Lungu
Stefan Lungu is pumped about getting to direct a One Act before his time as Great Neck South comes to a close. He's acted in the One Acts, performed at Coffeehouse, and played Charles in As You Like It and Steve in Almost, Maine. He wants to say goodbye to everyone before immediately seeing them all again at whatever generic name-brand college they're all going to. Thanks to Mr. Marr, Emma, the actors and stage crew, my friends and family, and as always the College Board.