About As You Like It

As You Like It subverts the traditional rules of romance. Gender roles, nature and politics are confused in a play that reflects on how bewildering yet utterly pleasurable life can be.


Duke Senior has been forced into exile from the court by the usurping Duke Frederick. He takes refuge in the Forest of Arden with a band of faithful lords. Rosalind, his daughter, is kept uneasily at court as a companion to her cousin Celia, Frederick's daughter.


Orlando de Boys, the youngest son of the late Sir Rowland de Boys, has been kept in poverty by his brother Oliver since his father's death. Orlando decides to wrestle for his fortune at Frederick's court, where he sees Rosalind and they fall in love.


The Duke banishes Rosalind, fearing that she is a threat to his rule. Celia, refusing to be parted from her cousin, goes with Rosalind to seek Duke Ferdinand in the Forest. For safety they disguise themselves - Rosalind as the boy Ganymede and Celia as his sister Aliena - and persuade the fool Touchstone to accompany them.

On hearing of a plot by his brother to kill him, Orlando also flees to the Forest and takes refuge with the exiled Duke. Posting love lyrics through the forest, Orlando encounters Rosalind disguised as Ganymede. She challenges his love-sick state and suggests that he should prove the strength of his love by wooing Ganymede as if he were Rosalind.


Elsewhere in the Forest love also blossoms: the shepherd Silvius suffers unrequited love for Phoebe, who has fallen for Ganymede, while Touchstone is pursuing the goat-herd Audrey.

Oliver, sent into the Forest to hunt down Orlando, has his life saved by his brother, becomes filled with remorse for his past behavior and falls in love with Aliena.

Frustrated by the pain of his love for Rosalind, Orlando is unable to continue wooing Ganymede, so Ganymede promises he will conjure up the real Rosalind and that all the lovers will finally be wed...

And what better time to set a story of teenagers in love and in exile than in the Beatnick-Generation's late 1950's?!

About The Department


The mission of Theatre South is to provide students with an opportunity to perform in, produce, design, and crew plays, musicals, one-acts, improv performances, and coffee houses during the year.  Theatre South also offers many additional events including TS Awards Banquet, Barbeque, Theatre Festivals, an a Broadway Show trip.  By the end of their time in Theatre South, students have built lifelong friendships and will be ready for college and professional theatre opportunities.  Theatre South is a member of the International Thespian Society and accepts students with all levels interest in theatre – no previous experience is required!

About the Performing Arts at Great Neck South High School:

The William A. Shine - Great Neck South High School Performing Arts located in Great Neck, N.Y. has built a reputation of excellence based on music and theatrical performances as well as our success in regional and national competitions. Our large scale productions include our fall musical which takes place in November, a drama held in February, an opera production which takes place the end of March or early April and the One Act Play Festival which is held in early May. Each year performing arts students participate in many additional performance activities open to the public. They include: Music Night, Coffee House, Piano Recital, Improv Night, Winter Concert I & II, Chamber Music Concert, Spring Concert I & II, Battle of the Bands and the  Pops Concert.