About It's a Wonderful Life - The Radio Play

The Theater Project presents the holiday classic as if it's being recorded for a 1940's-style radio broadcast. 

"It's a wonderful, wonderful piece. Even after all the times I've done it, it moves me," says Terri Sturtevant, who has performed in the show for the last 15 years and is reprising the role of George Bailey's mother-in-law. "What amazes me is that people come back and see the show year after year. It's not like we're going to be surprising them."

The show is one of The Theater Project's Zoom offerings, 

"This story about friendship and small acts of kindness seems to become more and more popular every year," said Mark Spina, the Artistic Director of the non-profit theater company.

The Theater Project

For over twenty years, under the leadership of Mark Spina, Artistic Director, we have provided well-rounded programs on a relatively small budget to audiences who relish and seek out stimulating, new theater. 

Most importantly, our audience is willing to take a chance on a title or author they have never encountered before, knowing they will be engaged, challenged and entertained.

But this time, we just want to send you into the end of the year filled with warm holiday spirits.