Nana's Naughty Knickers Cast

Sharon Boeckenhauer (Sylvia Charles)
This is Sharon’s fourth performance with Little Red Hen Theatre. Before this, she was involved in plays in both High School and college, with live theatre a dream “put on hold” until she could retire from teaching. She honors her mother’s memory by following her into the community theatre realm and feels that her favorite role is whichever one she is currently doing!
Elizabeth Carlson (Vera Walters)
Plays that Elizabeth has been involved with at the Little Red Hen theatre include A Rented Christmas; Boeing, Boeing; Our Town; Mother Truckers; Opal's Million Dollar Duck; Leading Ladies; Dad's Christmas Miracle; The Odyssey; Tarzan; and It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play. Two of her favorite roles were Maxine in Mother Truckers, and Gabriella in Boeing, Boeing.
Brian Johnson (Tom O'Grady)
Brian was born and raised in Wakefield, left for college in 1994, and returned in 2008. For his day job (don't worry, he doesn't intend to quit), he is a 4-6 grade Social Studies teacher in Wakefield. Past performances include The Odd Couple, Monkey Business II, Sister Amnesia's Western Nunsense Jamboree, Our Town, and Nunsense A-Men. He thoroughly enjoyed all those roles, but admits that the musicals were his favorites, especially playing the role of Sister Mary Regina!
Victoria Nelson (Bridget Walters)
Victoria plays Bridget in our production of Nana’s Naughty Knickers, the go-getter law student who is stunned to find out what here Nana has been getting up to! Victoria most recently assisted with our production of It’s A Wonderful Live: A Live Radio Play, but was also seen in our summer production of TARZAN, and led the charge for THE ODYSEEY last spring. When not “treading the boards” here at LRHT Victoria can be found at Emerson Hubbard High School coaching and directing their talented 1-Act team.
Meg Engel (Heather Van Pree)
Meg has done theatre since high school in Pender, where she graduated in 2006. She didn’t do theatre at the Little Red Hen until last summer, when she auditioned for TARZAN. She has been in every show since! Her favorite role was playing Kala in Tarzan, which was fun, challenging, and a bit acrobatic!
Charity Potter (Clair)
Charity is the pastor at the Wakefield Presbyterian church as well as John Huss Presbyterian church in Thurston. When she's not pastoring - she works part time at Pac n Save in Wayne. She and her husband live in the country where Charity does a lot of gardening! Her favorite role in life is "Grandma" to 9 amazing kids. She's been in several productions at LRHT including The Odyssey, Nunsense, Christmas Chaos and Boeing, Boeing. Her favorite was Boeing, Boeing because it was hilarious!
T. Adam Goos (Gil Schmidt)
T. Adam Goos is the Director for Nana’s Naughty Knickers and also plays the role of Gil Schmidt – the deplorable landlord. Adam got his start by playing a furry little hobbit in the very first production at the Little Red Hen theatre over 25 years ago – and he never looked back. He is having a blast with everyone to bring this comedy to life – and can’t wait for everyone to join in on the laughs!
Jackson Pommer (Delivery Person)
Jackson Pommer plays a deliver person in our upcoming production of Nana’s Naughty Knickers. Jackson was in “The Odyssey” as a sailor/suitor. He was so extraordinarily good at dying in that production that got to do it twice. He though that was fun. Jackson was also Tater in “Dad’s Christmas Miracle”, which has been his favorite role because he got to make folks laugh.
Julie Lamoureux (Delivery Person/Voice)
Julie grew up in Wakefield and currently works at the Care Center in assisted living. She lives with her husband Steve, south of Wayne, and is currently attending Wayne State College working toward a family consumer science education degree. Between working full time and being a full time student there isn’t much spare time – but when there is you can find Julie in a cabin on the Missour River. Julie was in the little red hen’s first production of “A Christmas Carol”. She’s been enjoying working with everyone involved in the play!
Katelyn Pommer (Assistant Director)
Katelyn Pommer is the Assistant Director for this production. She has always enjoyed being involved in theatre in any capacity. Her all-time favorite roles were playing Jane in TARZAN and Mr. Mr.s Cratchit in A Christmas Chaos. She also enjoyed directing Dad's Christmas Miracle at LRHT in 2018.