About Mary Poppins

The wind in London is about to change!

The uptight and wealthy Banks family is in need of a nanny for their two children.  When Mary Poppins shows up, her magical abilities fascinate the children and endear her to everyone.  She takes the children on wonderful adventures and cheers them up.

But Mr. Banks is not ready to join in and hires his old nanny, a rather stern and unpleasant woman, to handle his "flighty" children.  Mary hasn't yet finished her work and returns to complete what she started.   Delighted, the children eagerly follow Mary who helps them find the joy in life.  In turn they try to humor their uptight parents, but success is slow in coming.

Mary Poppins helps everyone find some happiness.  She'll do the same for you!

Produced by Walt Disney, written by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi, with music by Robert and Richard Sherman.

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