Smokey Joes Cafe - The Songs of Leiber and Stoller Cast

John (As Himself)
John is very happy to be part of this show, his first at Sun Prairie High School. He has really enjoyed the music, as it very much fits his personal style. He has done several other shows in the past, including Once on this Island and Frozen in Sun Prairie. He would like to thank his family for their support, his friends for talking him into the show, and the crew and directors for making it possible.
Sri ((As Herself))
Sri is super excited to perform in Smokey Joe's Cafe! Although she's taken part in a SPHS musical before — CAMP ROCK! — participating in a theatre is still pretty new for her. Thanks to the help from her wonderful fellow cast, she continues to learn many things about the world of theatre.
Paige (As Herself)
Paige is so excited to take part in Sun Prairie High School’s performance of Smokey Joe’s Cafe. Her past theater experiences include: Footloose as Wendy Jo, Shrek the Musical, and Legally Blone Jr., as well as interning for the children’s shows at Sun Prairie Civic Theater. Paige would like to thank her friends, family, and everyone a part of the SPHS theater team for giving her support and the opportunity to be apart of the musical theater again and she hopes you enjoy!
Lita (As Herself)
Lita is super stoked to be apart of the virtual production of Smokey Joe’s Cafe! This is her first show at the high school! Some of the other shows she has done are: FROZEN JR. as Anna, THE LITTLE MERMAID JR. as Ursula, INTO THE WOODS JR. as Little Red, and THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY JR. as Mrs. Catero. She is grateful for this cool opportunity, and can’t wait for the future shows to come. She would like to thank everyone in the cast who has welcomed her into their theater family, and thanks her own family for being supportive and flexible with her. Lita hopes you rock and roll to this amazing show!
Aleah (As Herself)
Aleah is so excited to be performing in Smokey Joe's Cafe. With Covid 19 limiting the way to perform this year, Smokey Joe’s Cafe has given so many another chance to perform. Some of Aleah’s favorite past shows are Footloose, Legally Blonde Jr., Into the Woods Jr., and Chicago. She wants to thank her friends and family for their constant support.
Micah (As Herself)
Micah, a junior at SPHS, is more than excited to be able to participate in “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”. Favorite past shows include “Shrek: The Musical”, “Footloose” and “Camp Rock: The Musical”. Micah is just so grateful to have some form of theater back in her life and considers it a real blessing that SPHS decided to make the best of this unique situation. She would like to thank her family for enduring countless hours of her rehearsing at home and for her friends who have been by her side, be it physically or digitally, through this all.
Lexi (Crew)
Lexi is a senior here at SPHS this year. After 15 shows, Lexi has dabbled in almost every aspect of tech crew, focusing mostly on props, build, and run crew. Lexis also works here at the Performing Arts Center working on various other performances and events. Next year she will be attending UW-Whitewater to work towards a degree in Technical Theater and Stagecraft.
Gabby (Crew)
Gabby is a senior this year and is excited to work on her 15th show. Gabby's main focus is props, build, and run crew but she has also worked on almost every tech crew over her many years in theater. Not only has Gabby worked on numerous shows, but she also works for our Performing Arts Center working on various performances and events.
Cassie (Crew)
Cassie is a sophomore this year. This is her crew debut, she had a lot of fun working on Voices of 2020 and the Art of Loving. Cassie is very excited to work on her first musical. She is looking forward to continuing to learn and have fun in the next couple of years.
Morgan (As Herself)
Morgan, a Senior, is excited to continue her involvement in the SPHS theater in the musical, Smokey Joe’s Cafe! She loves doing theater and has been doing it for over 12 years in her schools and in the community. Morgan would like to thank her family for supporting her over the years, and is grateful for directors Marsha Heuer, Kurt Nickelsburg, and Kelsey Odorizzi as well as the numerous people behind the scenes making this musical possible in trying times.
Taz (As Himself)
Taz is backup singing for most of the show. He’s been a prolific singer in choir for 7 years, and has enjoyed dabbling in musicals for a few years. He’s been accepted into UW Whitewater and hopes to pursue his dreams of singing more there. He thanks Ms. Heuer, for her dedication and support to the SPHS drama department, and his parents, for putting him in choir all the way back in 6th grade.
Elizabeth (As Herself)
Elizabeth is super excited to be in her first musical at SPHS. She wants to thank Ms. Heuer, Ms. Odorizzi, and Mr. Nickelsburg for making this such an awesome experience despite the crazy time we’ve been in and hopes everyone enjoys the show!
Audra (As Herself)
Audra is currently a Junior and is very excited to be a part of SPHS production of Smokey Joe's Cafe. Audra Has been in 15 shows, including: Legally blonde Jr. at CHUMS, Last year's production of Footloose, the high school summer shows and she has taken part in many of Civic theatres kids productions. Audra can’t wait for you to see this show, there has been so much hard work put into this final production. Thank you for coming to the show! Enjoy!
Allison (As Herself)
Allison is very excited to help bring theater back into your lives with her 2nd production at SPHS! Past theater experience includes: Music Director for the 2021 Student Showcase, Footloose The Musical, Into The Woods, Matilda The Musical, Suessical Jr, and many more. Allison is really excited to end her junior year on a high note, and wants to thank Ms. Heuer and Mr. Nicklesburg for allowing her to have this amazing opportunity! Enjoy the show! :)
Jacob (As Himself)
Jacob is very excited to be involved in SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE as his last show at Sun Prairie High School. Some of Jacob’s previous shows include THE ART OF LOVING: A CABARET, PRAIRIE VOICES, FOOTLOOSE, CAMP ROCK and many more. Jacob wants to share his gratitude and affection for everything that this program has done to push him forward and succeed.He also wants to thank his friends and family for the continuous push forward. He thanks you and hopes you all enjoy the show.
Olivia (As Herself)
Olivia is excited to be in Smokey Joe’s Cafe for her last year at Sun Prairie High School! Some of her past favorite roles include Vera in Much Ado About Nothing and Mrs.Dunbar in Footloose. Olivia has been accepted at the University of Minnesota at Twin Cities and is looking forward to seeing what theater experiences the city has to offer. She wants to thank her mom for choreo advice and Mrs. Heuer, Kelsey, and Mr. Nickelsburg for providing her with an amazing theater experience in spite of the pandemic.
Sarah (As Herself)
Sarah is elated to be a part of her second SPHS production as a junior. Rhoads has loved the opportunity to get back on stage after the cancellation BDACT’s BRIGADOON in which she was to play Meg & VACT’s CHICAGO in which she was to play a Narrator. When Rhoads is not on stage she is teaching dance and representing the student body on the School Board. Sarah would like to thank her friends & family for their support and most of all her advisors for allowing her the opportunity to perform again.
Maddie (As Herself)
Maddie is very excited to be in SMOKEY JOE’S CAFE. Past theater experiences include: FOOTLOOSE, VOICES OF 2020, and SNOW QUEEN Jr. Maddie is looking forward to doing more theatre in the future. And gives thanks to her family and friends for supporting her throughout. Enjoy the show!
Aeda (As Herself)
Aeda is so excited to be a part of Smokey Joe’s Cafe! This is her twelfth production overall, and fourth at SPHS. Some of their favorite shows include Footloose, Into the Woods Jr, and Legally Blonde Jr. She’d like to thank everyone who made it possible for them to continue doing theatre, even in a pandemic.
Caskey (As Herself)
Caskey is very excited to be apart of Smokey Joe's Cafe. She has been apart of many different shows including Footloose, Into the Woods, and Legally Blonde. Caskey would like to thank Mrs. Heuer, Kelsey, and the entire production staff for giving us the opportunity to perform during this crazy, unpredictable time.
Calvin (As Himself)
Calvin is very exited to be in this production of Smokey Joe's cafe. This is his 7th show overall. He is grateful to do theater again during these times.