World War II Radio Christmas Cast

Caitlyn Cano (Organizer, Hattie, Friend)
Caitlyn Cano is a senior at St. John XXIII who made her debut last year as Little Red Riding Hood in "The Big Bad Musical." She has been involved with the St. Edith Stein and St. John XXIII choirs since freshman year. When she’s not singing, Caitlyn spends her free time reading and wishing she had a cat. She would love to continue her musical career in college where she intends to major in chemical engineering and minor in musical theater.
Kate McCready (Arlene, Dolly, Suze)
Kate McCready is a sophomore at St. John XXIII College Preparatory. Previously, Kate has preformed in "High School Musical," "The 39 Steps," "The Greek Mythology Olypiaganza" and several others.
Jacob Doublesin (Alfred Bell, Ackerman, Announcer I, Mike)
Jacob is currently a senior at St. John XXIII. After shoving his way into a tech job in the school's last show, "The Big Bad Musical," he fell in love with the school's theatre program and will now be staring in a "World War II Radio Christmas." A natural born speaker, his first major role in the department was as Mr. Voice, the MC and announcer of the Comedy Sportz High School League team. He then harnessed his raging nerdiness and started working tech for the school's theatre productions. He intends to pursue a career in software game design at The University of Texas at Dallas.
Elena Garanzuay (Stage Manager, Norma Jean, Rose, Mae)
Elena Garanzuay is an 11th grader who has been casted in her first St. John XXIII production. She has loved theatre since the 8th grade, and has participated in plays such as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Cinderella’, and was chosen to be an extra in the opera ‘AIDA’. She is excited to peruse her love for theatre in St. John XXIII, and would like to thanks all the supportive cast members for being so open and welcoming.
Christopher Echevarria (Charlie, Jess, 3rd Voice, Soldier, Tony)
Christopher is a junior at Saint John this year and this being his first show, he is excited but nervous to get on stage. Although he is no stranger to public speaking, playing a character presents new and unique challenges. Aside from theatre, Christopher is involved in multiple sports and extracurriculars to grow mentally, morally, and physically as the years go on. He is excited to work with everyone and watch the production grow. He would like to thank his sisters and parents for their consistent support with whatever he does. And for all his friends that keep the mood high, regardless of how they feel themselves.
Bella Vigil (Winnie, Censor 3, Speaker 3)
Isabella Vigil is currently a freshman at St. John XXIII College Prep. This will be her first performance at St. John XXIII College Prep. She has performed in “Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother” and “Goldilocks on Trial” as well as several other performances in her early years. She looks forward to continue acting and entertaining people with this form of art. She is thrilled to be in this production, and is eager to perform with the rest of the cast under the direction of Ms. Barry.
Abdullah Kenaway (Photographer, Wilbur, Dr. Mark, etc.)
Abdullah Kenawy has previously participated in the 2016 production "It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play" He is very excited to be a part of this production. He would like to thank Mrs. Barry for allowing him to be a part of another SJ23 production.
Nadine Kenaway (Suze, Liz, Madis)
Nadine Kenaway is a freshman and is excited to be a part of her first SJ23 production. She has been in productions in the past, and she looks forward to continue acting. She would like to thank Ms. Barry and her cast for putting together such a great show.
Toni New (Daisy, Lola, Agnes)
Toni New is a ninth grader at St. John XXIII College Preparatory. She has been in multiple productions including "Arabian Tales," "The Long Red Herring," "The Velveteen Rabbit," "Three Murders," "It's Only Monday," and "Jenny Saint Joan." She is excited to be apart of World War II Radio Christmas.
Korbin Podolak (Clyde, Billy, Newscaster, Officer, Sgt.)
During his time in high school he has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of shows, both as an actor or as tech crew. He has enjoyed the experiences he has been able to have with the theatre department at St. John XXIII and he looks forward to continue participating in theatre activities. In addition to theatre, he spends his free time UFO watching, writing child friendly post modern new age fan fiction based on obscure web comics, underwater basket weaving, professional Frisbee competitions, and generally being up to no good.
Fernanda Ricaud (Mother, Censor 1)
Fernanda is currently a sophomore. She has played as the leading character in "The Stone in the Road" at St. John Paul II school. She has also played as the narrator for The Stages of The Cross. And lastly, she has played as the Caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland." Her go-to is sushi, and she is a geek with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises.
Elizabeth Valdez (Loren, Censor 2, Trisha)
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Elizabeth Valdez has been a performer her whole life. She started vocal lessons back in 2012 and continues them today. When she reached middle school, she started to help out as crew in school productions and eventually started acting in shows such as “The Long Red Herring” and starred in a one-act play called “In Between” in her 8th grade year. She has also been in a couple of shows at SJ23. Along with theatre, she is also involved with music and song-writing. Theatre and music have always been apart of her life and she hopes to continue doing so into college and her career.
Danika Zubizarreta (Louise, Alice, Speaker 1)
Danika Zubizarreta is a sophomore. This will be her 6th show and 3rd show in St. John XXIII College Preparatory. Her credits are in "Legally Blonde" as a Hair Customer and The Violinist, "Beauty and the Beast" as Madame de la Grand Bouche, Twila in "Tongue Twister", Beulah Brooder in "Murder Most Fowl", and One in "The Big Bad Musical." She would like to thank Ms. Barry for always believing in her and her amazing family for helping her with her shows. Lastly she would like to thank her grandmother yaya for showing her the amazing world of fine arts. “For God is within her; she shall not fall”- Psalms 46:5