Box Steps Cast

Loran Morello (Cara)
Kate McCready (Dawn)
Kate McCready is a sophomore at St. John XXIII College Preparatory. Previously, Kate has preformed in "High School Musical," "The 39 Steps," "The Greek Mythology Olypiaganza" and several others.
Talya Zubizarreta (Laura)
Talya Zubizarreta is a 4th grader at Frostwood Elementary. She is very excited to play Laura in her first St. John XXIII play! She is a ballerina with credits of 5 Recitals, The Nutcracker with Alegro Dance Company and The Houston Ballet, and a few plays at her school. She would like to thank Ms. Barry for giving her this amazing opportunity and her grandmother, Yaya, for showing her the beauty of dance!
Makenzie Deane (Jessie)
Makenzie is a senior at SJXXIII and has done a few other productions including "A Happy Prince", "A Cause to Serve", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and the "Sound of Music". Her favorite things are eating good food, listening to good music, and petting good dogs. Makenzie plans on attending Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana to major in Nursing. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their help and support and can't wait for everyone see the show!
Nathan Polzer (Mark)
Nathan is currently in 9th grade and has been in three productions before, all of which were for his middle school. His most prominent role was in "Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the Dunhill Diamond." One interesting fact about Nathan and his involvement in this production, is that he literally got dragged into it by the strap of his bag. Fortunately, the one dragging him was a good friend and no hard feelings were felt.
Riley O'Sullivan (Marcus)
Riley O’Sullivan is a senior at Saint John XXIII. He began his theatre career in "Annie Jr." in 7th grade as Warbucks. Since freshman year, Riley has been involved in every show, from performing on stage in "It’s A Wonderful Life: A Radio Play" and "The Chancellors: A Hip-Hop Musical," to stage managing "World War II Radio Christmas" and co-directing a student production of "7 Ways To Say I Love You." After graduation, he intends to study Theology and Philosophy. He would like to thank his family for all of their support and his director for teaching him valuable life lessons.
Marielle Aldrett (Sarah)
Marielle Aldrett is currently a junior, with this being her first year at Saint John’s. She has been involved in theatre since middle school, as a performer and as support behind the scenes. Although she has loved being a part of plays such as "The Sound of Music" and "The Troll Bridge," she states her most notable performance as a stage crew member for "The Music Man" when she got stuck behind a prop door onstage for a whole scene. She has loved every moment of working with the cast of this play and wants to thank you for coming out to see the show.
Claire Rady (Mary)
Claire Rady is a senior at St. John XXIII and this is her first play in high school. She had been in many plays in junior high, her favorite being "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," when she was an angry grandma. After graduation, Claire plans on attending Franciscan University of Steubenville and majoring in education.
Trevor O'Sullivan (Phil)
The Trevor O'Sullivan, senior at Saint John XXIII, has appeared in a number of productions as various characters including Romeo in "Zombeo and Juliet", Rich Gravee in "Murder Most Fowl", and several others. Not only is he an experienced actor, he dabbles in the tech world of theatre ranging from positions such as assistant director, head of tech, and audio/visual directing. The pinnacle of his high school theatre history thus far has been co-writing and co-producing "The Chancellors: A Hip-Hop Musical". Trevor's post-high school plans involve working sound at White Oak Music Hall and taking jobs at PSAV. He also enjoys the simple things in life such as seventy-six degree weather with scattered clouds.
Nicholas Palmisano (Henderson)
Nicholas is a senior at St John XXIII. This is his first time acting. He would like to thank his overly enthusiastic girlfriend for peer pressuring him into doing this play as well as his two closer friends, Riley and Trevor O’Sullivan, for also pushing him to do the play. Additionally, he would like to thank his family and all those people who supported him though this. He plans to attend Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio to study Psychology. He hopes to continue to be person of great magnanimity and follow the advice of a “wise” younger brother, “don’t be bad kid."
Caitlyn Cano (Angela)
Caitlyn Cano is a senior at St. John XXIII who made her debut last year as Little Red Riding Hood in "The Big Bad Musical,” and starred in the role of Hattie in “World War II Radio Christmas.” She has been involved with the St. Edith Stein and St. John XXIII choirs since freshman year. When she’s not singing, Caitlyn spends her free time reading and wishing she had a cat. She is so grateful that she can share her final show at St. John XXIII with some of her best friends and take these experiences and memories to college with her. Caitlyn will be continuing her musical career in college where she intends to major in engineering and minor in musical theater at the Univesity of Notre Dame.
Catherine Silas (Gina)
Cate is a freshman here at St. John XXIII College Prepratory. The only production she has been in was Shakespeare’s "Much Ado About Nothing" with Holy House Academy. Cate would like to thank all her friends and family for hopefully coming to see this production. If not, she would still thank them anyway for being such great friends and family members. Cate would also like to thank her director for directing this play and all her fellow cast members for all being part of this production and sticking wit.
Matthew Deane (Randy)
Matthew Deane has never been in a theatre program before, and has no idea what a bio is for. He likes the theatre program and the people in it, and would like to thank them for making this experience fun.
Luke Parmenter (Jake)
Luke Parmenter is a sophomore at SJXXIII and he is ecstatic to be participating in his 3rd performance for the school. He has performed several plays at other venues including his role as Rooster in the musical "Annie". Luke would like to thank his family and friends for their constant support and director for the opportunity to perform once again. He looks forward to his future at Saint John and hopes that you enjoy the show.
Murphy Vuyk (Mo)
Murphy Vuyk is a sophomore at Saint John XXIII high school. He played a role in last year's production of "Murder Most Fowl." Murphy would like to thank his family for their constant support of his time at Saint John and his director for her help in bettering his acting in all productions and classes he has with her.
Gray Podolak (Robbie)
Katie Barcak (Carole)
Katie Barcak is currently a junior, who is taking part in her first production at St. John XXIII. She was first introduced to theatre in middle school, where she was able to be a part of many productions such as “It’s a Murder in the Wings” and “And a Child Shall Lead.” Through her character Doris, in “It’s a Murder in the Wings,” she took on the character’s obsession with donuts, and still holds this obsession very close to her heart. She is extremely thankful for being able to take part in this show, as well as being able to be part of such an amazing cast.
Kellie Krohn (Darcy)
Kellie Krohn is a senior at St. John XXIII and is so excited to take part in this year's show! In the past she has been in some plays and musicals including “The Little Mermaid” where she played an iconic and evil Ursula, “The Sound of Music”, and “A Cause to Serve.” She enjoys spending time with her hilarious friends, watching movies, and listening to music! She would like to thank her friends and family for their encouragement and never ending support, and most importantly God for all the opportunities she has had through this play by working with so many amazing people! After high school she plans to attend Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana where she will study biology to hopefully practice medicine!
Klarissa Lopez (Carmen)
Junior, Klarissa Lopez, has participated in school theatre since the sixth grade. She performed as a gypsy in her first play “The Princess and the Clown” and most recently performed at St. John XXIII in the world premiere of “The Chancellors: A Hip-Hop Musical”. When she is not partaking in theatre, she likes to enjoy the ambience of bookstores and antique shops, and make additions to her mug collection. She thanks her family and friends for teaching her about God’s two greatest gifts: love and laughter.
Santiago Pinzon (Sam)
Santiago is a junior, taking part in his first St. John XXIII production. His previous theatre experience consisted of playing a miscellaneous gang member in "Tom Sawyer" back in 6th grade. He would like to thank his parents for giving him all the support in the world every day. He also wants to thank his sister, Laura, for encouraging him to never hold back from being goofy.
Katherine Crocket (Lily)
Katherine Crockett is a junior and has been involved with "The Chancellors: A Hip-Hop Musical" as Shuffler #8 and Zombie and "The Big Bad Musical" as a member of the crew. She would like to thank her parents for always supporting her and Ms. Barry for giving her this opportunity. “I just heard on the news where the mailman won the lottery, goes to show: When you lose, what you do is try again” - from Broadway musical Assassins
Lizette O'Quinn (Tanya)
Lizette O'Quinn is in her junior year at SJ23. She has participated in productions including "The Chancellors: A Hip-Hop Musical" and "The Big Bad Musical" during her high school career. She's also a 3-year veteran on the Comedy Sportz team, becoming Junior Co-Captain of the team this year. She enjoys theatre, sleeping, and binging Parks & Rec.
Korbin Podolak (Juniper)
During his time in high school he has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of shows, both as an actor or as tech crew. He has enjoyed the experiences he has been able to have with the theatre department at St. John XXIII and he looks forward to continue participating in theatre activities. In addition to theatre, he spends his free time UFO watching, writing child friendly post modern new age fan fiction based on obscure web comics, underwater basket weaving, professional Frisbee competitions, and generally being up to no good.
Bobby (Cast)
Bobby is a very unique individual who loves to knit and fold origami. His favorite pastime is baking sugar cookies with his mom. Bobby can’t wait to perform with his new friends.
Emily (Cast)
Emily is a very sassy and bossy girl. She gets what she wants. Emily is known for her loud personality and can’t wait to get the spotlight in this performance.
Kenny (Cast)
Kenny is very nervous for this show, but he has the support from all of his puppet pals to help get rid of his fears. He loves math problems and reading a good book next to the fire.
Susie (Cast)
Susie is the most popular of all the puppets in this performance. She loves to socialize and loves to have fun! She can’t wait to perform and wants to tell her parents in the crowd that she loves them and couldn’t have done it without them.
Ralph (Cast)
Ralph is the sporty puppet of the bunch. Not only does he love to play baseball, but he also loves to watch sports movies. Ralph keeps a positive outlook on life.
Katie (Cast)
This is Katie’s first performance. She is fond of gardening and her favorite flowers are sunflowers. She loves attending heavy metal concerts and spending quality time with her puppet friends.
Tommy (Cast)
Tommy is an adventurous fella with lots of big dreams. He plans on opening his own butterfly garden with his best friend, Jasmine, and loves to go to church on Sunday with his other puppet pals.
Jasmine (Cast)
Jasmine is a sensitive soul who loves to dance. Her best friend Tommy is helping her open a butterfly garden. She is nervous but excited to star in this show.