About Rosie

Rosie is the story of a team of women working in a B-17F factory in 1942. They struggle to work together, to make the deadlines, and to make sense of their roles in contributing to the war effort.

When a Department of the Army inspector comes to take a look at the factory, everything is thrown into disarray. He's there to find fault, to blame the manager, and to maybe get a shot at the new girl, Rosie.

Come watch a show about work, the home front, and finding one's place in a nation at war.

Soldotna High School

Soldotna High School's Drama program strives to put on the best shows that we can with the resources that we have. We appreciate your patronage, and so do the students. They work hundreds of hours for these shows doing everything from acting to set building, and they are buoyed by every face they see in the audience.

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