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WANT TO SEE THE SHOW FOR FREE!!! VOLUNTEER TO BE PART OF THE CREW! SJM Is always looking for stage hands, ushers, production team members to help with the production. complete the contact form at and we'll reply back asap!!
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Stanley C Jackson SR is a National Award Winning Playwright based in Las Vegas Nevada. He has been writing, directing, and performing in his own plays since 2010 after writing his first full length play “Yet Holding On”. To date Jackson has written, produced, directed and starred in 7 full-length productions/musicals for which he has composed more than 70 songs. He has won various awards including: Playwright of the Year, Stage Play of the Year, and Best Musical to name a few. One award was presented in New York City, where he had the opportunity to perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem during the Gala with fellow playwrights. Jackson has gone on to perform at the various Theater Festivals, and was even commissioned to adapt the novel “Living in the Black”, to the stage bringing awareness to domestic abuse. Jackson went on to write and produce “Strive” the musical and “The Golden Box” to close out 2017. He is currently working on his latest musical “Main Street Park" for fall 2019
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Brittany Rascoe is enjoying another production with SJM as Stage Manager. Rascoe works behind the scenes to help bring the play to life. Rascoe has been a member of the team since 2010. Rascoe has been involved with theater since 2003 holding roles on and off stage. Rascoe wishes to thank her husband, Larry Jr., for loving and supporting her.
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A Mississippi native, has been a gifted and sought-after musician for the past 15+ years in both secular and gospel music. He has had the privilege to travel abroad on several occasions as an accompanying concert pianist/organist. Additionally, his keen ear for music production has garnered him many opportunities to operate in the capacity of musical director for stage plays and music recording projects throughout various parts of the United States. When it comes to music production, song writing, and studio engineering, Patrick has spent many years cultivating his heart’s passion in these areas. He has worked under platinum recording engineers. To continue his professional growth through formal education, Patrick completed a B.S. in Music Production from the highly recognized and respected Full Sail University and is also pursuing his Master's in Music Production at Berklee College.
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Works as a Licensed Therapist with a degree in Clinical Professional Counseling. She has a background in business management as well as public relations. Ms. Jackson has worked as a production assistant for SJM Productions since it’s inception about nine years ago. She is excited to serve as the Front of House Manger for the Las Vegas production of Strive!
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Was born and raised in Evansville Indiana, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has aspirations to be an actress in the theater as well as on the big screen. She started her creative journey at John Robert Powers as a student actress and model. Her dance credits include: Choreography and dance for SJM Productions and dance coach and dancer at Western Kentucky University. Jessica graduated with a minor in Musical Theater and has performed in six (6) SJM Theater Productions
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Is a native of Evansville, Indiana with a B.S. in Behavioral Management and M.S. in Business Management from Oakland City University. He is a trained facilitator in Out of Poverty and Strengthening the Families enrichment programs. Married to his wife Lynne for 27 years, his outside interests include mentoring boys and young men and adult men through various programs in the community. Charles has been a vital part of every SJM Production since it’s formation, building and designing sets, props and providing support wherever needed.
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Ejay Ogene. Born and raised in Miami, Fl , fashion had always been a big part of her life. Through her college years she's gotten several opportunities to dress and style friends for important events. Although this is her debut as a wardrobe manager, she is no stranger to the theatre world! She believes that no matter what your size or shape is, you deserve to look and feel your best. Ejay has future plans to continue to rise in not only the fashion world but the performing arts as well. Sent from my iPhone

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