About Searchers of the Black Death

London, 1665. St. Dunston Alley is a poor alley between Fleet Street and the Thames river. As the street lanterns glow, Henry Dorsett posts the cities latest Bill of Mortality. The record of deaths in the city and why they died. The only line that matters is the number next to the word "Plague". That unknown evil that is all but a certain death to those it touches. Tonight that number is low. But what does it mean when a Plague Doctor arrives without warning in Dunston? Who are these mysterious masked men who are claimed to help but seemingly only arrive with the Black Death? As you sit within this small alley, you become part of a community that is fearing for it's life from an evil that seems to kill everything and everyone you care about faster than their graves can be dug. Don't worry though, the Plague Doctors are here to help...

***This is an interactive show designed to be scary and creepy. Rated PG-13 for dark tones and unsettling horror situations.***

Show Dates: October 24th-26th & October 31st- November 2nd. Shows start at 7:30pm

For more information find us on Facebook, call 605-545-4807 or email us at [email protected]

Tickets: Will Go On Sale- October 1st. 

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