By: The University of Southern Maine Theatre Academy, 2018

The Mountain is a story about eleven strangers crossing paths while hiking up popular trails where the view is said to be breathtaking. They all have different reasons that bring them to the Mountain on this day; some filled with joy and love, while others with grief and desperation. When finally they arrive to the top of the Mountain there are those that find what they were searching for, while for others it is a grisly discovery. 

*The Mountain was first conceived as a 10 Minute Work in Progress during the 2018 Session of the University of Southern Maine Theatre Academy by students between 16-18. The project began as an exercise with each of the original actors finding a conflict within a character and creating a 30 second monologue based on that conflict. It worked-quite well, and these students along with the director Zachariah Stearn, continued and created this piece about Human Connection and how each one of us has a different story- some good, and others bad. Schoolhouse Arts Center is thrilled to be debuting this fully produced One Act for the first time!


By: The University of Southern Maine Theatre Academy, 2017

Law & Order F.T.U takes you into the world of hilarious puns, dad-jokes and ridiculous spoofs of the stories of some of Fairytales most beloved characters. Investigate whether or not Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall or if he was actually PUSHED! Join the Detective and their PARTNER as they investigate the assault on Little Miss Muffet by an 8-legged assailant! And strap in for a wild ride as we investigate a string of house-blowing cases that gets stranger and stranger... 

Schoolhouse Arts Center