About Constellations

Written By Nick Payne

Written in the stars, Constellations is a spellbinding, romantic journey you don't want to miss!

It begins as a simple encounter between a man and a woman, but what happens next defies the boundaries of the world we think we know – delving into infinite possibilities of a relationship. Even in quantum parallel universes, in which every possibility exists, love stings like a bee. Time, it turns out, is a more effective breaker of hearts than human beings. Constellations is living embodiment of parallel-universe theories, a love story is told with numerous deviations so that each character's choice splinters off in diverse directions. ​

Directed by Kami Sim


Rebecca Sands & Sean Lundberg

Rochester Civic Theatre

The Rochester Civic Theatre is a non-profit organization that educates and enriches the adults and young people of Rochester and southeastern Minnesota through the production and presentation of live theatre, music and dance. Under the direction of a new working board and interim managing director, RCT is turning a new leaf and returning back to showcasing local talent. Under this new model, volunteers are the heart of the theatre’s operation.