About Charley's Aunt

This play was first performed in 1894, and is still hilarious today! 


Oxford, 1890. Two students, Charley Wyckham and Jack Chesney, want to propose marriage to two lovely young women. Old Stephen Spettigue--an uncle to one of them, a guardian to the other--won't let them anywhere near the boys; but he's going out of town. Still, the proper young ladies won't visit the young men without a chaperone. Charley's aunt from Brazil--where the nuts come from--is expected to arrive. When she doesn't, the boys have to do some quick thinking. Enter their rascally friend and fellow student Babbs Babberley, trying on an old ladies costume for the varsity play. They pretty much blackmail him into posing as Charley's aunt. This ruse sets in motion a series of events that includes Babbs getting courted by both Spettigue and Jack's father, Sir Chesney... And hilarity ensues.  Come find out how it ends!  

Northridge High School

Rep Theatre is an Audition-Only class filled with amazing advanced theatre students.   Each year they perform our School Play.