[email protected] Cast

Yasir Abdelrahman (Soloist)
Junior (11th Grade) He has been in theater for 4 years and choir since the seventh grade. He has participated in performances like Peter Pan, Newsies, Mary Poppins and more. And his favorite show is Les Miserables.
Awab Alnour (Soloist)
Junior (11th Grade) Participated in Pippin, Mary Poppins, Antigone, The Great Gatsby, and Is a member of International Thespians.
Abigail Brown (Soloist)
Senior (12th Grade) Abigail has participated in choir all four years of high school. She is excited for her first theatre show.
Caitlin Bunts (Spoken Poem/Ensemble)
Sophomore (10th Grade)10th grade Caitlin as been in the Starlight Stars of Tomorrow, She was in the ensemble of Mary Poppins last year. In middle school she participated in competition drama. Other than theatre, she participates in art and choir.
Grace Campbell (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Noah Croom (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Junior (11th Grade) He’s been participating in theatre since he was in 6th grade playing Peter Pan and Jack in Into the Woods. Since attending North Kansas City he has had the opportunity to play Theo in Pippin, Michael in Mary Poppins and, George Wilson in Gatsby. He wants to thank his Mom for always supporting him no matter what and to his middle school theatre teacher Mrs. Cunningham for introducing him to his passion for theatre.
Soren Fletcher (Soloist)
Freshman (9th Grade) This is Soren's first show tried out for, and made it in to. Soren likes to sing and play music. Any instrument you throw at Soren will have the very basics before the week ends!
Marianna Flores (Soloist)
Junior (11th Grade)She was in the running crew for M.O.B.S 2019, Antigone, and Frogs. She was in the ensemble for Mary Poppins and The Great Gatsby. During the spring of 2020 she was happy to be involved in M.O.B.S with minor roles. She is on the Varsity cheer team, on the NTV News team, in Harmonaires show choir, and helps out Student Council.
Lilly Gerend (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Freshman (9th grade) Lilly has participated with coterie theater, MTH theater, starlight theater, taking classes, acting and audition labs, along with dance and voice training, as well as numerous other school productions. She played tennis for Northtown and is a swimmer and loves to be involved.
Felix James (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Freshman (9th Grade) Felix started theatre in 7th grade where he auditioned for the school play and got a fairly major role, and has since been involved in theatre and theatrical events. When he was in 8th grade he participated as an extra in the NKCHS theatre production, Mary Poppins. He was then cast as tin man in The Wizard of Oz at Northgate Middle School.Once I came to NKCHS, his first job was to find upcoming performances and audition for which brings us to now.
Anastasia Jensen (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Freshman (9th Grade) Anastasia has always enjoyed singing and acting. She has participated in many productions during her middle school years. She has participated in Color guard for 4 years. Some of her favorite roles include Kate and Mrs. Greer in Annie and a cheerleader in High school musical. She can’t wait to continue doing theatre throughout high school.
Jayden Jones (Solost/Spoken Poem)
Junior (11th Grade) Jayden has been involved in theater since the sixth grade. Jayden participated in Pippin his freshman year, Mary Poppins and The Great Gatsby his sophomore year and has been in many other shows in school and in the community. Jayden would like to thanks his Ms. Coyle, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Shirley and Mr. Jackson. They all have always pushed Jayden to go for the solo or for the biggest role, instilling in him a need to always pursue his goals. They’ve always believed in Jayden and have shown it with nonstop support and inspiration. Working with them has been an honor, and Jayden has learned so much from everyone around him. Theater means everything to Jayden, and he wants to pursue it in life. In his own words: “I have a true passion and love for theater. Theater is my home and now NKC theater is part of it.” These past 2 years Jayden has been an NTA officer and has enjoyed the leadership role, he loves being able to help Mr. Jackson and help NTA become the best it can
John Kenney (Soloist/Ensemble)
Senior (12th Grade) John has participated in his school’s theater program for the last four years. He has had roles in Bye Bye Birdie, Into the Woods, The Book of Everything, and Mary Poppins.
Julie Knox (Spoken Poem/Ensemble)
Sophomore (10th Grade) Julie has so far been in every show at Northtown in her two years, her favorite being Miss Lark in Mary Poppins. She has been in theatre since the 1st grade and it remains one of her biggest passions. Her favorite musicals are Into the Woods, Grease, and Chicago. She is very grateful for all of the upper class support and inspiration she’s had and continues to embrace her theatricality both on and off stage.
Savannah Lindsay (Spoken Poem/Ensemble)
Senior (12th grade) First year doing theatre in high school, Varsity tennis, A Capella choir, Harmonaire, NTV news, Environmental club and NHS
Sophia Martin (Spoken Poem/Ensemble)
Junior (11th Grade) She loves being involved in Theatre and NTA and has been since the beginning of her Freshman year. She enjoys both tech and performance. She didn't start being part of Theatre until she started high school, but she believes it's better late than never. Sophia has been involved in every show one way or another since she's started going to Northtown and she has loved every second of it. If she had to pick a favorite of the shows she's been a part of, she would pick Mary Poppins.
Ajah Njeru (Soloist/Ensemble)
Senior (12th Grade)Ajah is a senior at Northtown and has been a member of NTA for all 4 years. This is her first year as an officer and she is so excited to see where this group goes this year and in years to come. Ajah has been apart of every musical since she has been here and landed the role of Myrtle Wilson in last years production of ‘The Great Gatsby’. She is planning on attending college next year (where has not yet been decided) for nursing and she is so excited for what the future has in store for her!!
Reed Pearman (Soloist/Spoken Poem)
Freshman (9th Grade) Reed is an actor around the community participating in Theatre in the Park, Musical Theatre Heritage, Gladstone Theatre in the Park, Coterie master classes, and many productions throughout school. She dances with Mindy Mortiz and studies voice with Ashley Pankow. Some of her favorite roles include Bulda from Frozen and Lily Regis from Annie. Post Covid she was supposed to be Dorthy in Wizard of Oz and in the ensemble of Carousel at MTH(Crown Center).
Sonja Sanchez (Spoken Poem/Ensemble)
Junior (11th Grade) This is her 3rd year in theater in high school but has been doing theater for 5 years. She has participated in all of the shows ranging from Pippin to Mary Poppins. She enjoys everything about theater and it is a huge part of her life.
Emma Stith (Soloist/Ensemble)
Junior (11th Grade) She has enjoyed participating in the theater department since her freshman year in the casts of Pippin, Antigone, Frogs, and MOBS XXII & XXIII. Her favorite roles have been as Jane in Mary Poppins and Daisy in The Great Gatsby. She would like to give a special thank you to her family for supporting and encouraging her in all her endeavors. Aa
Tori Tournear (Soloist/Ensemble)
Senior (12th Grade) Tori has been in theater for all 4 years of high school. She has had roles as The Birdwoman (Mary Poppins) Antigone (Antigone) she is very grateful for the time she's had in theater and will miss her theater family
Gracie Williams (Ensemble)
Freshman (9th Grade) This is Gracie's 1st year actually participating in a show. In 6th grade Gracie worked in the crew of Peter Pan at Eastgate! This is her first actual experience, and she already loves it. She is very grateful to be here.