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MisCast. @ NKC is going to be a music review/Cabaret that will feature singing, some movement, spoken poetry and scenes to showcase the unique talent and diversity of Northtown. Miscast means we don’t have to follow the rules of who sings what – all bets are off - we want to high light your talent!  It will be composed of 3 parts -

Who We Are. (Songs, scenes, and performance pieces that show who make up Northtown)

Where We Have Been. (Songs, scenes, and performance pieces that show what we have been through because of our diversity and the climate of COVID and unrest do to the current state of our nation)

What Is In Store. (Songs, scenes, and performance pieces that show what our dreams and goals for ourselves, our cultures, and our communities are)

Blue - Written by Anastasia Jensen

Injustice - Written by Marianna Flores

Piece of Art - Written by Julie Knox

Special thanks to Tyler Lamb Videographer and Editing, Knotty Pine Studios, The Supportive Administrative Team at NKCHS, Our tireless custodial crew, faculty and staff that have helped navigate through this unusual year. I would also like to take a minute to thank the Production Team.  This has been a wonderful experience working with Danielle, Sheree, Helena, Ben, Dustin, Mark, and Tyler.  I have had to lean on so many to use technology to capture their performance and get it out to everyone.  I hope you enjoy their work! This work, other than the pieces stated above are not the original work of NKCHS and is being used under the Fair Usage policy under Copyright  Policy as it is Educational, Transformative, and will not impinge on the value or profits of original source.

North Kansas City High School

We Are Northtown

North Kansas City High School is the flagship high school of North Kansas city schools, and the centerpiece of education in the northland since 1925. With great neighbors and local businesses, northtown students in their “Purple and Gold” get to experience a special environment that is very unique to a suburban high school. this fosters a strong sense of responsibility and creates a great sense of community.

From the early agricultural classes taught in the 1920s to the highly esteemed International Baccalaureate program, North Kansas City High School has always strived to provide relevant and rigorous educational opportunities. Students thrive in northtown’s diverse learning community through programs like Scholar Bowl, Rocket Club, Robotics,  and Science Olympiad. Not to be left out, students also excel in the arts, music, theater and athletics.

Northtown students also have the rare pleasure of enjoying Friday night football games in a famous football stadium constructed in 1941 as one of the final Works Progress administration projects ending the Great Depression in the 1930s. the stone wall surrounding the football stadium was constructed during that time period as well. In 2006, the football stadium was recognized by the KC Star as “the best high school facility in the Kansas city area to view a Friday night game”.

In a grand plan to merge old and new, north Kansas city high school is experiencing a $65 million renovation that was completed in February 2020.

The Theatre Department has been under the direction of Randy Jackson since 1997.  The Northtown Theatre Association is the drama club and theatre producing agent of North Kansas City High School.  Students in the program have participated and performed at the state and national level of International Thespians, been on the state student board, and Thespy National Qualifiers. The program has transitioned from the original auditorium space to the new 679 seat auditorium and Black Box Performing Arts Center. The Vocal Music Department is now under the direction of Danielle Enriquez-Fowler.  The Orchestra is now under the direction of Sheree Yoder.