Our Town Cast

Jeffery Watkins (The Stage Manager)
Ivan M (Understudy/Sim Stimson)
Jack A (Dr. Gibbs)
Cadyn D (Joe Crowell)
Arden A (Howie Newsome)
Arden is a freshman, and this is her second show with the MVALLSTARS. She made her debut with THE MAGIC PAINTBRUSH earlier this school year, and participated in the 72 HOUR PLAY PROJECT. She would like to thank her family, friends, cast and crew, Mrs. Schmutzler, Mr. Neylon, and Mr. Taylor for giving her the opportunity to perform such an amazing piece of art. Proud two year member of the International Thespian Society.
Julia W (Mrs. Gibbs)
Shannon M (Mrs. Webb)
Shannon is thrilled to be performing in her seventh show with the MV Allstars. Now a junior, she is the vice president of the Thespian Society, and some of her previous performances include Eurydice, A Hipsummer Night's Dream, The Addams Family Musical, and The Magic Paintbrush. She would like to thank her friends in theatre for making the experience exciting every day, her family for accommodating her crazy schedule, Mr. Neylon for never changing, and Mr. Taylor for sharing his artistic genius with the MV Arts community.
Townsend L (George G)
Anna W (Rebecca Gibbs)
Evan B (Walley Webb)
Amberly W. (Emily Webb)
Amberly is a Junior and a proud member of the International Thespian Society. This will be her third show with the MVAllstars and her second time acting in a show. Her past shows include The Addams Family and The Magic Paintbrush. Amberly would like to thank her friends for being so supportive, her parents for always encouraging her, and God for giving her a sincere passion for the arts.
Zach S (Professor Willard)
Grant H (Mr. Webb)
Grant is in 11th grade an is a member of the Thespian society as this semester. He has previously starred in "The Magic Paintbrush" as Shadow, as well as other out of school shows such as "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow" and "The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever". He would like to thank his family, the entire cast of our town, and Mr. Taylor for being supportive and always helpful.
Jordan R (Mrs. Soames)
Jack M (Constable Warren)
Zack B (Si Crowell)
Charlotte N (Sam Craig/Denizens of Grover's Corners)
Ashley H (Joe Stoddard/Denizens of Grover's Corner)
Tabitha N (Woman Among The Dead/Denizens of GC)
Abigail E (Denizens of Grover's Corners)
Abigail is a senior and this will be her 7th show as a proud Thespian and Allstars. Her past shows include Beast on the Moon, Lions in Illyria, Eurydice, Night of Stars, The Magic Paintbrush, and Every Story Ever Told and Then Some. Abigail would like to thank Mr. Taylor, her parents, and all of the cast and crew for always enduring her wonderfully awful puns.
Anya Smith-Roman (Denizens of Grover's Corners)