About Cantus - "One Giant Leap"

The Lyric Center for the Arts presents 'One Giant Leap,' a concert by Cantus.

History is filled with stories of daring innovators who had the audacity to dream of one day conquering the sky. The moon, stars, and the tapestry of the night sky are all responsible for some of humanity’s oldest legends and mysteries. In One Giant Leap, Cantus explores and celebrates the allure of upward exploration, the triumph of the human spirit, and striving for excellence through innovation and technology.

The acclaimed men’s vocal ensemble Cantus looks to the night sky to shape One Giant Leap, an exploration of the celestial heavens and their hold on mankind. Drawing on repertoire from Franz Schubert to Ériks Ešenvalds, this program builds toward the 1969 Apollo mission that put a man on the moon. “The poetic arc of the evening is structured around the moment of the moon landing and the groundwork that was laid to make this historic achievement possible,” says Cantus tenor Paul Scholtz.

Find out more about the performers at https://www.cantussings.org/meet-cantus/singers/

Take a listen on their web site: https://www.cantussings.org/2019/06/03/one-giant-leap/

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