Almost, Maine Cast

Liz Bloch (Scene 6)
Liz Bloch is thrilled to explore her passion for theatre with the Lyric Center for the Arts. You may remember her from her most recent role as the surly Babette in "The Science of Murder". Liz is a student at Mesabi Range College and a student advocate for students and higher education as Public Relations Coordinator for LeadMN.
Amber Johnson (Scene 5 and 8)
As proud owner of Downtown Dance Academy, Amber has spent the past decade working behind the scenes and is thankful for this opportunity to get back on stage. You may have seen her previously in shows with Mesabi Musical Theater, Small Parts Players, IRRRP, and her favorite production, 'Beauty and the Beast' with HCC. It's been a journey and Amber is thankful for the encouragement to keep trying!
Marlys Goerdt (Scene 3)
Marlys lives in Iron. She is currently a preschool teaching assistant, a Volunteer in Education (VINE) coordinator, and a volunteer tutor at the Cherry School. Past roles with NSW include Alice in "The Tin Woman" and Beatrice Gatewood in "Irritation to a Murder." She loves performing on stage again!
Tavia Melhus (Scene 1 and 4)
Tavia lives in Makinen with her family and various pets. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, and playing games. She also enjoys her house cleaning business. Tavia got her acting feet wet with the production of War Of The Worlds last fall and is excited to be part of the cast of Almost, Maine.
Josie Moe (Scene 2)
Josie is a recent graduate from UND. After being in dance for 16 years, she found musical theater in 2014 and appeared in Chicago, Footloose, and Crazy for You with Mesabi Musical Theater. Josie is very excited to be in NSW production with her dad before her planned move to Juneau, Alaska to be a guide in April!
Tom Moe (Scene 1, 6 and 7)
Tom works as an engineer for U. S. Steel, having moved to Eveleth from North Dakota in 2002. Tom is very pleased to be given the opportunity to work with Northern Stage Works and have another chance be in a production with his daughter Josie.
Tucker Nelson (Scene 3, and 4)
Tucker Nelson, museum director for the Virginia Area Historical Society, editorial assistant/staff writer at Hometown Focus, and producer for Mesabi Musical Theatre’s summer 2020 production, likes eBay, Ole and Lena jokes, and Johnny Cash. Tucker recently moved to Virginia and is in the process of filling his new apartment with midcentury modern furniture.
Sarah Packa (Scene 5 and 7)
Sarah was born into the "Packa Family theater Troupe," in which much of her spare time was spent re-enacting stories and whatever she was studying in history lessons (Vikings, various wars, pioneers, etc.) Past roles include Laura in 'The glass Menagerie" at Mesabi Community Theater, and Joy in 'The Tin Woman' with NSW. "I'm so happy to have a chance to be part of "Almost, Maine!"
Darby Sauer (Prologue, Interlogue and Epilogue)
Darby is becoming a regular on stage with Northern Stage Works. Past work with NSW includes Sammy in "The Tin Woman!," Autumn in 'Irritation to a Murder," and the radio play, "Ladder Under the Maple Tree,"
Steve Solkela (Prologue, Interlogue, Epilogue, Scene 8)
A native of Palo, MN, Steve is a recent graduate of Rowan University in New Jersey, where he was a music major and regular participant in theatre events. No stranger to the Lyric Center stage, Steve has been a part of a majority of the productions this season. He is also known for traveling the country with his band -Steve's "Overpopulated" One-Man Band.