Facets Performers

Pre-Repertory ("When We've Been All Alone" and "Fame")
Sadie Dorsey, River Machacek, Arianna Pritchard, Harley Rosen and Yuval Rozenburg
Repertory 1 ("What We Hold" and "Caged")
Mark Eaton, Autumn Hitchcock, Elizabeth Humeston, Brenna Pritchard and Natalie Roberts
Repertory 2 ("Anywhere But" and "Collectors of Snow")
Leah Dugan, Gracie Flippen (Virtual - featured in "I Am"), Rebecca Lassman, Sophia Lippe and Gwyneth Watson
Apprentice Company ("Anxiety's Arc", "Disconnect" and "I Am")
Abigail Cassino, Meredith Sorensen, Natalie Rey (Virtual - featured in "I Am") and Rachel Roberts