About Miss Nelson Is Missing! [email protected]®

Thank you for coming out and supporting our students and company! We will start our performance event with a 30-45 min performance showcase where our students will share monologues and songs that we have been working on. We will break for a 15 minute intermission and will come back to see our students perform "Miss Nelson is Missing: [email protected] Edition"

Miss Nelson Synopsis:

Miss Nelson’s class is the worst behaved in the whole school. Spitballs flying across the room, paper airplanes sailing every which way and uncontrollable children send gentle, long-suffering Miss Nelson over the edge. But the students of Room 207 are in for a surprise when Miss Nelson goes missing and is replaced by Viola Swamp, a no-nonsense substitute who assigns piles of homework! The students learn lessons of appreciation and respect as they set out to find their beloved Miss Nelson … but will they ever get her back?

Imagine, Create, Explore Collaborative Arts

ICE Collaborative Arts is an educational theatre company based in Ashburn, VA who focuses on providing as many educational performance opportunities and classes as possible for the youth in our area.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable environment where people of all ages can explore their artistic abilities, learn important life skills and confidence, as well as find their love for performance and visual art through a variety of acting classes, theatre for youth and adult theatre classes, performances, and sharings. Along with the previous, we aim to provide a community for artists to collaborate by hosting local artist highlights, guest taught workshops, creative meetings, field trips to see plays in the surrounding areas, and more. But most importantly our goal is to build all of this in a friendly, supportive, and encouraging environment.

OUR Goals​

~To teach students technical acting and performance skills while boosting social skills and confidence.​

~To focus on the endless lessons that theatre and art can teach to encourage empathy, give insight to unfamiliar lifestyles and conflicts, and provide a positive outlet for emotions and curiosities. ​

~To build a company that can provide a space for all artists to come and share their work, collaborate together, and explore new outlets.

Our Process

~Providing a platform for artists to continually learn and expand their talents by sharing, advising, and creating together

~Encouraging audiences to participate in the support of process, divised, and scripted drama for the youth, young adults, and adults that have the courage to perform and the eagerness to continually learn more from everyone and everything around them.