Unsupervised: Improv Comedy @ Funky Contributors

Johnny Bartlett (Unsupervised)
ultimate daddy boi sexy af….good kisser, ask for details. This was the bio written for him. He chose to keep it. Although Johnny began his training in IO, Johnny has found a love and passion for doing improv with the UCCS improv club, Unsupervised, and hundreds of inanimate objects. While he does much technical theatre around the city, his love and passion are for the sweet goofs that he gets to share the stage with, even if he never has time to show them.
Arantza Chavez (Unsupervised)
From Lima, Peru Arantxa started doing improv six years ago in a competitive improv workshop at Ensamble and she hasn’t stopped since. She joined Unsupervised last year and they quickly became her new family. New to the land of the free and with a “little bit” of an accent she hopes to make you laugh and enjoy!
Gwen Rosenkrantz (Unsupervised)
Gwen is small, enjoys puns, and avocados. She spent 3 years training with Comedy Sportz in LA before joining Unsupervised in Colorado Springs. Gwen is a visual and performing arts teacher for elementary schoolers (who are just as tall as her) when she isn’t improvising! She lives in the pursuit of grins and giggles.
Ryder Tam (Unsupervised)
Ryder Tam is a tall palm tree from Honolulu, Hawaii. He divides his time between aerospace engineering, comedy, and concupiscent confusion about his life choices. Ryder began performing theatre in 2011, discovered a love of improvised comedy, and has trained at IO Chicago and Second City. He plans to continue to pursue his one true love in life…you.
Gabe Valdez (Unsupervised)
Born and raised in Colorado Springs Gabe found a love for improv in high school and went on to pursue a degree in Geology. Armed with knowledge of rocks, comedy, and handsomely good looks this triple threat will be sure to knock you off your feet. Previous and current improv teams include TWIT, Funky Little Improv, The Seven One Liners and, TVunscripted.
Jake Zindorf (Unsupervised)
Colorado Springs native and feline enthusiast Jake started doing improv in high school seven ago and has been in love with it ever since. When he's not listening to his Creedence tapes and fighting off nihilists armed with scissors, you can find him playing guitar, hurting himself with skateboards and acting on every stage they let him!