About Funky's 24SEVEN: A 24-hour Theatre Project

Come join us in another (celebrating our SEVENTH YEAR!) invigorating juggernaut of creativity, time crunching, theatre and performance. We are coming at you SEPT 7, 2019!



24 ACTORS: ?

24SEVEN is a 24-hour theatre project in the ever-blossoming theatre scene in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The process entails enlisting SEVEN talented playwrights to create SEVEN brand new short plays within the allotted time the night before we produce them. They are given specific writing prompts to incorporate into each of their new works. Then, early the next morning SEVEN visionary directors show up to read the scripts and cast them with a number of handpicked actors and actresses. The actors show up a couple hours later and rehearse the day away culminating in ONE performance of all SEVEN short plays. That's it! History has been made. Never again will all these amazing playwrights, directors and actors (and crew!) be in the same place doing, creating the same magic.

Tickets only $16!

Stay tuned for updates.

Funky Little Theater Company