About Barry & Michelle: Behind the Music of THE WAVERLY GALLERY

Funky continues to explore collaborations in an interdisciplinary fashion. The power of theatre is combined with the original music of local singer-songwriters, Barry and Michelle Patterson. Our current main stage production, THE WAVERLY GALLERY bolsters an original soundtrack from Barry & Michelle's extensive catalog spanning over 20 years. This one night special concert will be Barry and Michelle's first performance in Colorado since 2018. The storyteller's approach to this evening's festivities will feature a behind the music look at THE WAVERLY GALLERY's selections and other favorites from our talented musicians. 

Barry was born and raised in Cullman, Alabama and started playing guitar at 15 (with it tuned wrong for over a year). Michelle was born in Alberta, Canada to a super-musical family and moved to Texas in 1990. They met there in 1992 and were writing together within four months. They were married in 1994 and launched as full time independent artists in 1996. Their first release "Birth" was a largely acoustic collection that put them on the map with songs like "You are the Reason", "Scavengers" and "Round and Round". "So High" was the title cut of the more electric 1999 release and is their best-seller to this day. Every writer needs a "b-sides" and 2001's "Odds and Ends" is theirs; a super personal dedications project with a live worship portion to boot. They made a great mark in worship writing in 2003 on Enter the Worship Circle's "3rd Circle" with "God is Good", "Everlasting Love" and "Continue to Love Me". Shifting gears musically; in late 2003 Barry and Michelle recorded and toured as "Juniper Loop". Juniper Loop's "Ascend" project carries the haunting "Smoke" and their "Minivan" jab at materialism. They continue to write prolifically and in July 2008, they released their favorite project to date, "long straight uphill climb". They tour as hard and frantically as parents with four kids and no RV can.

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