About Freeport High School Spring Play: A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro

This dramatic piece tracks the lives of six women and their experience during and after the Vietnam War. A musician, Navy Nurse, Army Intelligence Officer, Army Nurses, a member of the Red Cross show what it was like to be on the field in the middle of the action and what it was like after they came home.  This play is for mature audiences only as it deals with real life events that happened during the war.

Freeport High School

This is the first Spring Play ever produced by Freeport High School!  Upon arriving in 2017, Safley (Director of Theatre Arts) saw a need to develop an opportunity for students wanting to be involved in a play rather than a musical as well as for students who were unable to rehearse after school due to their sports commitments. The Advanced Theatre Production class was created to meet these needs. Safley hopes that this will provide a unique theatrical experience for students and audiences alike, year after year.