About Snow White

When a beautiful princess is banished by her evil stepmother, she befriends seven dwarfs who try to keep her out of harm’s way.

This short and sweet play stays true to the original Grimm’s Fairy Tale, while still being recognizable as the classic fairytale we know and love. With roles of every shape and size, this play is an excellent introduction to the world of theatre for young performers.


This royalty-free play by Janea Dahl is part of a fantastic collection of plays for students and teens on Drama Notebook.

About Enlightened Theatrics

Founded in 2013, Enlightened Theatrics aims to grow the arts experience of Salem by producing professional theater, engaging with Salem's youth, and developing passionate theatre talent in the Willamette Valley. During this important time, our team is excited to transition our regular show line-up to an education focused season.

Enlightened Theatrics strives to maintain an open rapport amongst artists, patrons, and staff, to honor and promote our mission, vision, and values. We consistently reflect on our past experiences to enhance future endeavors while maintaining a safe, creative, and collaborative environment for our organization and the community at large.

In the hands of a dedicated team, consisting of production and entertainment experts, Enlightened Theatrics has evolved and forged a singular identity for utilizing the performing arts and community engagement as vehicles for cultural and economic development, while serving as a resource for education, professional growth, and outreach.