Agatha Christie Made Me Do It Cast

Giulia Arlia (Annie (Act 3))
Michelle Bouw (Jenny Winters (Act 2))
Olivia Bouw (Jenny Winters (Acts 1 and 3))
Cora Clum (Ruperta (Acts 1 and 3))
Heather Coats (Cindy Haines (Act 2))
Benjimin Forni (Monte Brainard (Acts 1 and 3))
Jayla Harrison (Annie (Act 1))
Connor Herskowitz (Officer Hootspah (Acts 1 and 3))
Gareth Hogan (Monte (Act 2))
Leo Josse (Carl Lloyd (Act 2))
Mitchell Kelley (Sam Sears (Act 2))
Nathan Lenoir (Monte (Act 3))
Isabele Lieber (Dutch Winters (Acts 2 and 3))
Cecillia Liew (Foley Artist)
Leyla Mamedova (Ruperta Holland (Act 2))
Warren Marburg (Waldo (Acts 1 and 3))
Martine McGee (Waldo (Act 2))
Elizabeth Oliveri-DiSalvio (Foley Artist)
Ava Puccio (Foley Artist)
Matthew O'Conner (Sam Sears (Acts 1 and 3))
Amelia Reitzfeld (Cindy (Acts 1 and 3))
Julianna Spoto (Annie (Act 2))
Elsa Souffrant (Jojo Lamonte (Act 2))
Sanaa Sweeting (Jo-Jo Lamonte (Act 1))
Marissa Young (Jo-Jo Lamonte (Act 1))
Niamh Zanghi (Officer Hootspah (Act 2))
Eva Zeltser (Foley Artist)