Getting To Know... Footloose Cast

Caroline Sanchez (Ariel Moore)
Caroline is a senior and this is her 5th production. She is a very devoted member of the theater and choral department and she hopes to continue with her passion in the future. She would like to thank her past directors for allowing her to become the person she is today. She would also like to thank Ms. Rubell and Ms. Sowers for their constant support.
Diego Rodriguez (Ren McCormack)
Diego Rodriguez is stoked to be performing a leading role as Ren McCormack in this production of Footloose. He is a freshman at Edgewood High School and this is his first ever musical production. He is an amateur photograph editor who enjoys spending his time playing video games such as League Of Legends, Identity V, and Mario Kart. Diego is grateful for his parents, for always letting him accomplish his goals and supporting his aspirations. He is also profoundly thankful for director Jamie Sowers and her faith in him. He hopes everyone can enjoy the show!
Gabriela Atkinson (Rusty)
Gabby Atkinson has been involved in the drama department at Edgewood since her 8th grade year and has been in the productions Seussical The Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, Willy Wonka, and Tied to the Tracks, and is now finishing off her senior year with her last Edgewood production Footloose The Musical. She is the VP of Interact, ASB VP, President of Choir Council, President of the National Honors Society, Co-President of EP3C, is a part of Subterranean Edgewood Blues, Choir, and Dance. She would like to thank her family and friends for putting up with her hectic schedule during this time. She would also like to thank the cast for being so amazing this year. Gabby would also like to give a special thanks to her Mom for always being her number 1 supporter from the beginning to the end, and to her sister for always believing in her and participating in the arts alongside her all these years.
Catrina Brazile (Urleen)
This is Catrina’s 1st musical and she is so excited for the experience. This is something that she has always wanted to do in highschool and her dream is coming true. She is so grateful for her amazing cast members and her directors who have always been patient with her and encouraging. Catrina says that sophomore year is going to be filled with challenges. Not only is Catrina in this musical but she is also on the girl's basketball team and in yearbook. Her goal for this year is to try new things and she is so proud that she is accomplishing that goal. Catrina says it's a lot of hard work to balance all of these activities but she is glad that she has her brother’s support. She looks up to her big brother Joel Adell who is in the musical too (as Shaw) and looks to him for guidance Most of all Catrina is excited that she gets to spend more quality time with her brother and bond before he goes to college next year. She says no matter what, she will cherish these memories with everyone.
Joel Adell (Reverend Shaw Moore)
Joel Adell had acted in Tied to the Tracks, last year's musical as a protagonist lead. He is excited to be in the Footloose play as the antagonist lead and experiencing a different type of character. He is Senior Class President, in Dance HL 2, in the Subterranean Edgewood Tribute Concert, in Ep3c, was in Glee, and was in Band. He wants to thank his mother and grandmother for their fantastic support. He also wants to thank the entire Alexis Rubell, Kaely McPhee, and Jamie Sowers for their outstanding dedication to their work and students.
Karolina Regon (Dani)
Karolina Rejon is excited to be playing Dani in her 8th musical Footloose. Since 2016, she has been doing musicals with a company called The Metropolitan Educational Theatre Network (MET2). She has appeared in Seussical The Musical, The Wizard Of Oz, Beauty And The Beast, Shrek Jr, The Sound Of Music, Peter Pan, Annie, and her upcoming show of The Little Mermaid Jr. Singing and acting are her passion and she can’t wait to put on a good show. Karolina thanks her parents and the rest of her family for their constant show of support. She is also grateful for her director from her past shows, Alison Bretches, for giving her her first lead role as a lead lost boy “Curly” in Peter Pan.
Angelina Alvarez (Wendy Jo)
Angelina Alvarez is so excited to be performing as Wendy Jo in Footloose. She is a sophomore at Edgewood High School. She has been in the production, Willy Wonka Jr., The Little Mermaid, and Shrek The Musical. Angelina is a proud member of ASB and Show Choir. Angelina would like to thank all of her family for always supporting her and is very grateful to be part of the wonderful cast.
Adriana Atkinson (Lindsay, Eleanor Dunbar, Cowgirl Jude)
Adriana Atkinson is excited to do yet another play at Edgewood. Adriana has been in Seussical the Musical, Willy Wonka Jr., and Tied to the Tracks. Adriana would like to thank her Mom for supporting her and always being there for her through everything.
Audrey Morales (Harper)
Audrey is 11 years old and a 6th grader at Edgewood Middle School. Audrey is very excited to be in her first production at Edgewood. She has a passion for music and dance. She is in Science Olympiad, loves soccer and is the goalie for her team. Audrey has been performing at dance recitals since the age of five. The styles of dance she has performed includes Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Modern, and Ballet Folklorico She is looking forward to be performing with her friends and fellow castmates in her first production. She would like to thank her parents, her brother, Ms.Rubell, and Ms.Sowers for their patients and support.
Danielle Sobida (Stevie)
Danielle Sobida is very happy to be in “Footloose” and is excited to perform it in front of other people at Edgewood Middle and High school. She is very thankful that she made the play. She thanks her parents for letting her join. She is playing as Stevie in the play. She is a member of the butterfly club. She loves that she will be singing and dancing and acting in the play. She thanks Ms. Sowers and Ms. Rubell for helping her and her other teammates and for Ms. Sowers and Ms. Rubell for giving all the support they need.
Daerelmar Mendoza (Pat)
Daerelmar Mendoza is excited to be in his second play called Footloose. He is a seventh grader at Edgewood Middle School. Daerelmar was in Boys Choir and Tied to the Tracks. He plays the piano, billiards, and basketball. He would like to thank his parents for letting him stay long for rehearsals, his brother (Daevenmar) for reminding me when to go when I forget, Ms. Sowers for teaching me the dance moves, the high schoolers for correcting my mistakes, and my friends for helping me be entertained while I wasn’t on stage.
Melissa Vera (Betty Blast, Cowgirl Bobbie)
Melissa Vera is very excited to be performing in this year's musical Footloose. This is Melissa’s fourth musical, she has performed in Bye Bye Birdie as Randi, Willy Wonka as Mike TV, and Tied to the Tracks as Laurette and April. She is a proud member of Edgewood’s Drama Club and Academic Decathlon. She would like to thank her mother, father, and brother for always supporting her, even when she sings very loudly during random times of the day.
Paloma Navarro (Cowgirl Laura Jo)
Paloma Navarro is thrilled to be in her second school production Footloose. A JR In Edgewood High School, last year She appeared in “We Are Masks” the character of Paloma. She is a proud member of Drama Club and is excited for more school productions to come and for more doors to open. Paloma Likes to do Folklorico ( Mexican Folk Dancing), she likes to hang out with friends, and sing. She is Determined to be a famous Actress later on in her future. Paloma would like to thank her parents and brothers for picking up/ dropping her off at rehearsal and also, believing in her to pursue her dreams.
Jesus Vera (Wes)
Jesus is very excited to be in the musical Footloose as his second musical of his career in Edgewood High School. He volunteers in Peer tutoring and is part of Bridges here in Edgewood along with being the treasurer to both these clubs. Jesus also volunteers as a Peer minister at his church teaching teenagers about God and Catholicism. His favorite movie genres include Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. He would like to thank his parents and his little sister for supporting him, his favorite singers such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash for inspiring him to sing, and his favorite comedians such as Gabriel Iglesias and Charlie Chaplin for teaching him to laugh at the hardest situations.
Adelina Garcia (Sally)
Adelina Garcia is 11 years old and has been performing since the age of 3. Her stage performances including Ballet, tap, and hip-hop. She has taken piano classes and performed many times in front of an audience. She has been a Student Council member at Merced Elementary school. Adelina is a 6th grader now at Edgewood Middle school, this is her second experience in a play she was a cast member in the Peter Pan with Top Billing Entertainment, Glendora CA. She also loves to sing she is taking singing classes also she sang at her 5th grade talent show. Adelina is eager to be doing another play and can’t wait till opening night.
Tyler Hernandez (Lyle)
Tyler Hernandez is very excited to participate in the Footloose musical as the character Lyle. Tyler is an 8th grader at Edgewood Middle school. This is Tyler third musical, the others being Tied To The Tracks and Peter pan. Tyler is also a member of drama, board game club, and Science Olympiad. He also thanks his dad for supporting him and allowing him to participate in the show.
Bryce Gomez (Marty)
Bryce Gomez is happy to be playing as Marty in Footloose. This is her second year at Edgewood, being a 7th grader, and her second time being part of a Edgewood production, also appearing in last year’s Tied to the Tracks. Bryce enjoys singing and playing the guitar. She thanks her friends and family for always supporting her.
Victoria Torres (Amy)
Victoria Torres is very excited to be performing in her first play as the role of Amy (a school/diner girl). Victoria is a 6th grader at Edgewood middle school. Some clubs she is in are light green club and we club. She frequently checks her grades to see how she can improve them. She is trying to accomplish her first year of middle school and is always trying to find a way to help people/the earth. Victoria is thankful to her parents for letting her perform in a play even though there is lots of commotion. Her inspiration is her aunt and mom always trying to achieve their dreams. Victoria is proud to say that Ms.sower is one of the best directors/ choreographers in the history of directors and choreographers.
Winnie Trinh (Mabel)
Winnie has a cute gecko name Happy. Winnie was in Edgewood for 6th grade and she was an extra for Bye Bye Birdie. The school activities she is on is Butterfly club, Yoga, and best buddies. When she isn't in school activities she is usually making crafts, playing with Happy, and roller skating.
Dakota Wright (Principal Clark)
Dakota wright is delighted to be participating in her first musical ever, staring as Principle Clark. As a freshman at Edgewood High School, she has been dreaming of performing since her first viewing of Tied to the Tracks during her 8th grade year. Dakota is a proud member of the Butterfly club of Edgewood. Dakota holds an everlasting love for all things literature. Dakota thanks her family for always supporting her in her dreams. She also thanks Mr. Greag and Katey Pavri for always being there and supporting her throughout all her years of being a student at Edgewood schooling.
Daevenmar Mendoza (Chuck Cranston)
A sophomore at Edgewood highschool, Daevenmar began his acting career last year in Edgewood’s production of Tied to the Tracks. After his first performance, he has starred in other plays including We Are Masks, also at Edgewood, and The Wiz, at the Citrus College Summer Conservatory. Daevenmar loves to be involved at Edgewood and is a member of ASB, fashion club, and drama club. He would like to thank family and friends for supporting him. He would like to especially thank his parents because without their love and time, he would not be where he is today. “Maraming salamat sa lahat, mahal kita.”
Donovan Baise (Coach Dunbar, Jeter)
Donovan Baise is an acting veteran who has performed in a variety of roles for three consecutive years and a total of four, the most prominent of those roles being the lead antagonist Professor Silias Scavenger from last year’s performance, Tied to the Tracks. He has also dappled in the field of dancing, once again over the course of three years. His other hobbies include inking, digital art, and stop motion animation; as far as extracurriculars are concerned, he attends Cartoon Club and Art Club when possible.
Elizabeth Hernandez (Cowgirl Bonnie)
Elizabeth Hernandez is very excited to do the musical footloose. This is Elizabeth’s third production the other two are tied to the tracks at edgewood middle and peter pan at horse ranch. Elizabeth played as a waitress named Bethanne in Tied to the tracks she really had fun and because of that production wants to become an actress. Soon she found herself as a lost boy in peter pan and had a blast playing the part. Elizabeth Hernandez also enjoys many things during her free time such as art and singing. She is also in other club activities during her seventh grade year such as Science Olympiad and Exotic Food Club. She is also in choir as an elective and wants to have dance in high school in place of PE so she can practice as well.
Elizabeth Sanchez (Darla)
Elizabeth is a freshman at Edgewood High who is very excited to be in this years production. She is a proud member of EHS Encore and has previously been in Willy Wonka Jr. She is looking forward to her years to come in the performing arts at her school and would like to thank her sister, Caroline, for always being there for her and pushing her to do her best.
Ella Zelaya (Vi Moore)
Ella Zelaya is excited to be playing Vi Moore alongside her husband and daughter, played by Caroline Sanchez and Joel Adell.A senior at Edgewood High, She has appeared in Willy Wonka, Tied to the Tracks, and Horror Movie 101. Ella is the Vice President of Edgewood’s Drama club and a member of the Edgewood choir. Ella would like to thank her family and friends for believing in her. She would also like to thank Ms.Rubell and Ms. Sowers for giving her an opportunity to work along side such an amazing cast.
Alma Lopez (Lulu)
Alma lopez is very excited to starring in her school’s production “ Footloose”. She has starred in the musical “ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
Matthew Lara (Willard Hewitt)
Matthew is a senior. He enjoys writing music, performing, and making people happy. Last year he performed in Horror Movie 101 here at EHS.
DaMinikah Rodriguez (Ethel McCormack)
DaMinikah Rodriguez is THRILLED to be performing in the Footloose production. She wants to give a huge thanks to her past teachers Mr.Billy and Ms.Mishka for introducing and teaching her the arts she is influenced by now. She wants to give a big thanks to her previous and enlightening mentor, Mr.Shields and Mr.Miller for seeing the light in her works and pushing her to strive. Lastly she wants to give a big thanks to Mrs.Sowers for her amazing dedication. DaMinikah is a triple threat and has performed in the Disney Hotel, Covina Theater, EHS, CPSOA, The SAE, and many other places for dance, theater, and musical purposes. She looks forward to furthering her dreams in theater and loves the stage!!
Samantha Munns (Cop)
Samantha is in 6th grade. She is super excited to play the cop! She enjoys tongue twisters like this one, “If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?”.