The Wolves Cast

Emmalyse Wozniak (#7)
Position: Striker. Smart and sassy. Covers her insecurities by being offensive and putting others down.
Zoe Tauscher (#46)
Position: Bench. Newest addition to the team. Edgy, self-conscious, different. Has traveled all over the world.
Moira Larson (#11)
Position: Midfield. Intelligent. Can be snobby. Is curious about the world and grapples with questions of morality
Akif Yilmaz (#14)
Position: Midfield. Lacks self confidence and falls into #7’s shadow. Struggles with growing pains and peer pressure
Emma Ginter (#25)
Position: Team Captain. Ex-coach's kid. Diligent at making sure the team works as one, on and off the field. Also working on her personal life.
Ava Stuart (#13)
Position: Midfield. Is the team clown. Makes jokes to avoid intimacy. Is loyal to her friends.
Vicky Santos (#8)
Position: Defense. Compassionate. Tends to hide her intelligence around her team mates in hopes it will gain her their approval and friendship.
Ariel Myers (#2)
Position: Defense. A bit naïve. Has strong faith and is conscience about others. Is battling an eating disorder.
Thupten Sherpa (#00)
Position: Goalie. An over achiever, with an intensity in playing style that comes from her need to be a perfectionist. Suffers from Acute Anxiety Disorder and tends to purge before a match as a coping mechanism.
Emma Norman (Soccer Mom)
Grieving the loss of a loved one, she finds solace in showing up to practice with a bag of orange slices.