Little Shop of Horrors Cast

Jeremyah Luke (Seymour)
Jeremyah is a senior and is making his debut in Little Shop of Horrors. Jeremyah is a member of Cordova's Chamber Ensemble. Jeremyah thanks Mr. Cornfield and Destiny Adams for giving him the opportunity to be a part of something major for his final year at Cordova.
Madelynn Adams (Audrey)
Madelynn is a senior and is making her Cordova High School debut. She also has experience in Cordova's choir. She would like to thank Mr. Cornfield, Destiny Adams, and her family for support (and patience).
Nathan Maze (Mushnik)
Nathan is proud to be in the cast of Little Shop of Horrors. Nathan is a senior at Cordova High School. Nathan made his debut in Cordova's play A Christmas Carol. His Hobbies are filming, editing videos, writing, and collecting records. He will be going to college soon to pursue a film career. He would like to thank Mr. Cornfield for letting him be in the cast .
Jackson Harville (Orin)
Jackson is a 10th grader who has been in Mr. Cornfield's drama class since he started high school; and he plans to stay there. This is his third show at Cordova and has competed at The Lenaea festival at the Harris Center. He is looking forward to many other productions from Mr. Cornfield and he would like to thank him for this opportunity.
Varish Chib (Audrey II Puppeteer)
Varish is a senior and has been a part of Drama for three years. Varish has been seen in several Cordova productions such as Midsummer Jersey and A Piece of my Heart. This may be Varish's last year but hopefully not his last performance.
David Pendley (Audrey II Voice)
David, is a sophomore and is making his Cordova debut in Little Shop. David enjoys acting and singing and hopes to be a part of the theatre for his years here at Cordova.
Alina Blanco (Crystal)
Alina is a junior and this is her twelfth production. Alina has performed eight of those at Cordova. Most recently Alina played Scrooge in Cordova's A Christmas Carol. She has also appeared in Midsummer Jersey, The Odd Couple (female version), and A Piece of my Heart. Alina is the Drama Club president this year. She is excited to be a part of another fabulous production in the new theatre and would like to thank Mr. Cornfield, Wyatt, and her family for all their support.
Emely Mejia (Ronnette)
Emely, a Freshman is making her debut in little shop of horrors. She enjoys acting among other things such as dancing, fashion, and photography. She would like to thank Mr. Cornfield for being an amazing drama teacher.
Eva Taylor (Shaniece)
Eva is a senior and this is her very first musical. She has been singing her entire life, but has never sung in front of people until now. It is a very fun and encouraging experience and she hopes to sing professionally in the future.
Ashlynn Tempke (Chiffon)
Ashlynn, a Freshman, is preforming for the second time here at Cordova, having appeared in the Fall production A Christmas Carol. She not only enjoys acting, but also singing, drawing and eating Mac n Cheese. She is excited to be a part of the play, and would like to thank Cornfield and the cast for the experience.
Tytus Phillips (Customer)
Tytus is a senior at Cordova and performing in his first production here at Cordova. Tytus has been in Drama and choir for all four years and is a member of the Chamber Choir. Tytus was also seen in the one act The Swimmer which competed at this year's Lenaea Festival. He is thankful for the support/help from his friends and family.
Destiny Adams (Interviewer)
Destiny is currently a junior at Cordova and this is her third year being involved with the Drama Department. Destiny was an Assistant Director for A Christmas Carol. This is Destiny's second show at Cordova having been seen in A Piece of my Heart. Destiny is passionate about writing and performing and plans to get a performing arts degree after high school to continue her dreams of acting. Destiny would like to thank Mr. Cornfield for making Drama class fun and her mother for making all of this possible.
Alyx Holmes (Dr. Martin)
Alyx is a junior at Cordova. This is the first mainstage show she is performing in, although was seen in the one act, The Swimmer which was presented at the Lenaea Festival. Alyx has been part of Drama for two years and is excited about being a part of the cast.
Wyatt Hurkens (Bernstein/Skip/Luce)
A Junior, Wyatt is appearing in his 6th show having already been seen in Midsummer Jersey, The Odd Couple (female version) and The Struggles. Wyatt loves to spend his spare time acting in school plays and would like to thank everyone in his life that helps and supports him, especially Alina.
Bella Bogetti (Ensemble)
Bella is a sophomore in Cordova High School. She is a cheerleader and a FFA member. This is her debut at Cordova, but she has been in other musicals from different schools. She is excited for this opportunity.
Audrey Davis (Ensemble)
Audrey is a freshman singer and actor here at Cordova. She was seen in A Christmas carol this past December, and it doesn't stop there. She thanks Mr. Cornfield and her mother for making this happen again.
Jade Wuest (Ensemble)
Jade is a freshmen and this is her first play and musical. She has done other performances for choir in elementary and currently is a part of Concert Choir here at Cordova High School. She enjoys digital, singing and hopes to continue onto work on these talents. She also hopes to do more performances in the future.
Joseph Chavez (Ensemble)
Joseph is a senior who has never been in a play before, but has been in choir all 4 years of high school, So preforming isn't new to him.