About The Trail To Oregon

Conifer High School Lifts the Pandemic Blues with The Trail to Oregon

Who isn’t ready for an evening of laughs, mixed with a little mayhem, intrigue, catchy tunes and audience participation all brought to life by a talented group of Conifer High School (CHS) students who are just itching to do their thing, and do it well?  The Trail to Oregon, a musical production directed by E.P. Archer, features a live country rock band made up of CHS seniors, talented soloists, and you—the audience—referred to as the “Watchers,” who has the very important role of deciding the fate of the cast of characters (any more detail would be considered spoilers). 

The Trail to Oregon is based on a 1985 video game called The Oregon Trail, designed to teach students about the realities of 19th century life on the Oregon Trail.  Much like in the game, the actors play specific characters, like bankers, carpenters or farmers who have all decided to move out west to forge new opportunities with their family.  

Both the game and the musical reflect real life in the Wild, Wild West including traveling through well-known landmarks of today, like Fort Laramie, the Snake River, the Blue Mountains and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  Along with these historical places rich in story and legend, the characters need to hunt to survive while surviving the plethora of diseases that beset the 18th century pioneers during their travels and even after they settle. 

This colorful musical is rich in history and imagination and it’s exciting to watch these young thespians light up the stage.  And just for your piece of mind… this high school production is PG-13, unlike the original R-rated show.  

Audiences will have a rip-roaring time at

The Trail to Oregon

! Come support these hard-working performers and revel in their creativity.