Twelfth Night Cast

Morgan Sides (Malvolio)
Morgan is excited to be doing his eight show. He had a deep line for theatre and is very thankful to all who have helped him get here, namely Mrs Wasser.
Cate Behm (Maria)
FABULOUS SENIOR: Cate has been involved in theatre since she was little. Some of her favorite past roles include Fred (Once Upon a Mattress), Bird Girl (Suessical), and Kate (Legally Blonde). She plans on going a college (still undecided) to major in graphic design and minor in communications. Enjoy the show!
Mary Hopkins (Stage Manager)
FABULOUS SENIOR: This is Mary's approximately 11th show at Columbine. She is planning to go into technical theater after she graduates. She loves the atmosphere and community of theater, as well as the pretty snazzy things theater makes. She would not be who she is without it. She would like to thank E, Wasser, and Brownlow for supporting her and devoting so much of their time and energy for our theater program.
Paige Klermund (Olivia)
FABULOUS SENIOR: This is Paige’s seventh show at Columbine. Her passions include acting and singing/musical theatre. She thanks her past musics teachers for inspiring her to continue with music, and Mrs. Wasser for giving her the chance to find her place in the acting world while gaining the confidence to make mistakes. Paige loves the atmosphere that Columbines program has to offer, and hopes that it will inspire others as well.
Hannah Mayer (Antonio)
FABULOUS SENIOR: Hannah Mayer has been doing theatre since 6th grade, and has been involved at many shows at Columbine since freshman year. This will be her 4th Shakespeare show. Hannah has been in 7 shows at Columbine, and has done everything from musicals to tech to acting. She is very passionate about theatre because she loves to become other characters on the stage, and ever since she started, she's known this is where she truly shines. She would like to thank her parents for slowly getting her into theatre, Wasser for being the best theatre teacher (subtle promo), and all of her friends who have encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Theatre is, and will always be, her true home.
Paris CurnowGreen (Sebastian)
FABULOUS SENIOR: Twelfth Night will be Paris' seventh show at Columbine. He is thrilled to play a part in making this production come alive. Paris' post high school interests lie in becoming a Stunt Actor and keeping the adventure alive. A special thanks goes out to his father for providing an immense amount of inspiration into joining the world of theatre.
Eli Manutes (Orsino)
FABULOUS SENIOR: Eli’s a senior this year. He’s acted in a whole lot of shows since his freshman year, and he’s very thankful for everyone who’s helped him get to where he was—and he’s excited for his eighth show at Columbine. He wishes to extend his greatest thanks to his dad, who inspired him to do theater.
Corinne Shearer (Valentine)
Madelynn Shepler (Feste)
Anna Hart (Officer 2)
Avery Wolff (Technical Crew)
Ruby Kartler (Technical Crew)
Giana Akins (Student Director)
Aurora Patten (Officer 1)
Alyssa Smerker (Viola/Cesario)
Elizabeth Falgout (Ensemble)
Rachel Hoft (Assistant Stage Manager)
Danika Smith (Sir Toby Belch)
Mia Jordan (Feste)
Avery Webb (Technical Crew)
Alex Holbrook (Technical Crew)
Destani Koontz (Curio)
Kaelan McNally (Ensemble)
Eric Hughes (Fabian)
Kelsey Silverman (Ensemble)
Caylin West (Student Director)
Quinn Ashford (Ensemble)
Erin Galimanis (Servant/Ensemble)
Keith Wetzig (Andrew Aguecheek)
Alex Holbrook (Technical Crew)
Alex Mayer (Technical Crew)