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Steve Van Ness
President/Producer, Clinton Arts Co
Steve Van Ness is the founder of Impact Arts Events Group, and has been creating and producing events for 30 years. He has worked on almost every type of event in locations from major cities to ski resorts. He is the President of the Clinton Arts Council.
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Bridget K. Brown
Artistic Director
Bridget K. Brown is a master storytelling coach and facilitator who uses her background as an actress, director and playwright and her background creating technology and cyber communications for three Fortune 500 companies to teach people how to better communicate.

About the Clinton Arts Council

The Clinton Arts Council sustains, expands, and promotes the existing and future vibrant, diverse arts and
 cultural activities in the historic downtown, and throughout the town of Clinton, Connecticut.

Making arts, entertainment, and educational opportunities in Clinton available to all of Connecticut, while promoting collaboration of the arts to many local organizations, the Arts Council is enhancing the quality of life for all in Clinton.